After the fight in Greece and the arrest: the three Maccabi Tel Aviv fans were brought before a judge

The Greek police arrested three Maccabi Tel Aviv fans last night (Thursday) on suspicion of being involved in a fight with a young man of Arab origin a few hours before the opening whistle against Olympiakos. The three will be brought before a judge, where due to the serious charge and the fact that the young man was injured and was taken to the hospital for treatment, their detention may be extended for several more days.

A lawyer was hired for the three and according to the Greek media, they deny what is attributed to them. The Greek police tried to extract from the three other names of those involved in the fight, when it is not impossible that more arrests will be made on the way of the fans back to Israel.

It was already calmer on the field. Maccabi Tel Aviv fans, Photo: Reuters

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As I recall, a young man of Arab origin provoked the Maccabi Tel Aviv fans and shouted at them, and because of this he was attacked by them. Testimonies said that it was a case of self-defense against an element that may be hostile these days and because of this, the Israeli authorities may also intervene in favor of releasing the fans and bringing them to trial here in Israel, which may be much more convenient for the Israeli detainees.

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