After they discovered Ramez Jalal’s prank.. Mohamed Tharwat: You will not conclude justice.. and Aws Aws: We will die here

Shaima Rizk

Published on: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 9:49 PM | Last updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 9:49 PM

Artists Mohamed Tharwat and Aws Aws fell into the trap of artist Ramez Jalal, on the prank program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” broadcast on MBC Egypt, on Wednesday evening.

The prank began, with the artists being dropped from the top of the prank room called (the Black Room), and the duo were surprised at each other. Tharwat commented by saying: “You will not finish ‘Adl’,” and “Aws Aws” responded, saying: “Your house will be ruined, we will die here.”

“Ramez” asked “Aws Aws”: “What Mohamed Tharwat wears makes him laugh,” to which he replied: “Oh, he laughs,” while he asked another question to the artist Mohamed Tharwat: “Aws Aws makes you laugh more, not at Rabie,” to which he responded: “Aws Aws, of course.”

Ramez accused the artists of lying after their answer, which prompted him to threaten them by releasing a ferocious dog into the room they were in, which caused fear and terror to the artist “Aws Aws.”

The idea of ​​the program for this season is based on bringing together two stars who had previously had a dispute.

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