Al-Ahly and Al-Taawoun | Only 24 hours…the golden opportunity to save the season with Mourinho or continue Yaesle’s suffering!

Can Al-Ahly save its season and take advantage of the golden opportunity it has?


The series of frustrations of German coach Matthias Jaisse has inevitably come to an end, but it is up to Al-Ahly club to write it now and within only 24 hours, otherwise it will regret wasting that golden opportunity until the end of the season!

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Yes, Al-Ahly defeated Al-Taawoun, but imagine, dear reader, that Brazilian Andre Girotto, Al-Taawoun’s defender, correctly took out the long ball sent by Senegalese Edouard Mendy, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper, and the match ended in a goalless draw!

The German coach Jassel’s arguments have already ended, and he no longer has any opportunity to defend himself and the unconvincing level the team is presenting during the current season, but everything has an end, and Al-Ahly management may actually move to end this matter.

Portuguese Jose Mourinho, former coach of the Italian club Roma, announced that he will remain in Saudi Arabia until Sunday, opening the door to teams that want to sign him, whether Al-Ahly, Al-Nasr or others, which is a golden opportunity that should not be missed by Al-Raqi officials.

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Al-Ahly’s victory over Al-Taawoun in the 23rd round of the Saudi Roshan League competitions is a deceptive victory, because Al-Raqi did not perform at the level that would make us say that it deserves this victory!

An unsuccessful start

Coach Yaisla did not start with the elements that shone with the team during the last period, especially in the right and left back positions, as he relied on Ali Majrshi on the right side, and on the left side Saad Belabid.

Mathias put the duo, Abdullah Al-Ammar and Bassam Al-Huraiji, on the bench, even though they proved to Yasla and the fans that they were more worthy of being present in the first place.

We found a clear lack of understanding between Majershi and Riyad Mahrez on the right front, and on the left front, French star Alain Saint-Maximin did not find sufficient support from Belabid, which had a negative impact on Al-Ahly’s most important offensive keys!

Late changes

Yaisla also had great players on the bench, such as Samihan Al-Nabit and Haitham Asiri, in addition to Fahd Al-Rashidi, as these names are no less than the foreign stars that the German coach relies on.

After a full half had passed, in addition to the first quarter of the second half, Mahrez, Maximin, and striker Firas Al-Braikan, in addition to the Brazilian Roberto Firmino, appeared at a lackluster level, and did not move a muscle, oh my!

Until we reached the 74th minute, Yaisla began to move and made changes that somewhat energized the offensive side of Al-Ahly club, amid defensive confusion, and brilliance on the part of Senegalese goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, as Al-Taawoun was very close to a draw in the last moments.

Either Mourinho or regret

The opportunity to sign Mourinho within the next 24 hours must be exploited by Al-Ahly Club, because if he is not contracted, any other team in the Rushen League will move and sign him.

This is in addition to Matthias Jaisle getting a full opportunity to get to know Al-Ahly players and everything big and small related to the team, but it seems that the mistakes will remain without any change!


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