Al-Ahly begins passive rest today during the periodic pause after closing the bank’s page

The football team starts with the club Al-Ahly The negative rest period that players get during the current international break in the month of March, after completing their match against Al-Ahly Bank yesterday, Tuesday, in the fifteenth round of the Egyptian League competition, after the technical staff decided to give the players several days of rest before resuming training. Collective.

Kohler wants the players to have a passive rest from training, for fear that they will be exposed to fatigue due to the pressure of matches and playing a large number of matches in a short time, especially since the red team is facing strong challenges in several tournaments such as the Egyptian League, the African Champions League, and the Egyptian Cup in its new version.

In another context, Dr. Ihab Ali, nutrition consultant for the technical staff of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club, developed a special nutritional program for the players in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan. The program includes a group of vitamins and minerals that help speed recovery and reduce the chances of exposure to cramps and injuries, especially with long hours. Fasting.

The elements that were adopted within the nutritional program contribute to endurance and dealing with the pressure of matches, including the anti-inflammatory diet, in coordination with Marcel Kohler, the team’s technical director.

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