Al-Hajjaj: My character in “Plan B” is new

In the Ramadan 2024 season, the two Saudi stars Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj and Ibrahim Khairallah will appear before the fans with the new series “Plan B”.
Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj revealed to Al-Riyadiya that the character he embodied in the series “Plan B” is completely different from the one he appeared in his last work, and he said: “I was keen to appear in a way different in form and content from my last work, and appear with a different comedic flavor, and I hope To succeed in making the audience laugh,” pointing out that he plays the role of a young man named Fahd, a writer and actor, who tries to convince those around him of his talent, and every time he fails, but he continues.
Al-Hajjaj described the atmosphere of the story of the series “Plan B” as “Robin Hoodie”, as the characters are involved in thefts and frauds, and the work is written by Hani Sarhan, and the screenplay and dialogue are by Sami Al-Falih, with a workshop of Saudi writers, and signed by director Munir Al-Zoubi.
Al-Hajjaj and Khairallah are accompanied in performing the “Plan B” acting scenes by a number of young faces, including Mila Al-Zahrani, Fawz Abdullah, Wafi Fouad, Ziad Al-Omari, and Hakim Jumaa. The series is shown on MBC1 and “Shahid.”

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