Al Hilal News Today | The fact that the leader’s star moved to Marseille…and Messi pays the price for Blue’s rejection!

We present to you the most important news of Al Hilal Club today, Friday, May 17, 2024 AD


The Arabic version of the “GOAL” website monitors the most prominent news of Al Hilal Saudi Club, today, Friday, May 16, 2024 AD, and what is going on around the team.

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Marseille resolves the controversy…the truth about signing the Al Hilal star in the summer

French Marseille settled the controversy over the signing of one of the stars of the first football team at Al Hilal Saudi Club, during the upcoming summer Mercato. “Read the details

How do you watch the live broadcast of the Riyadh derby match between Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal in the Saudi Roshen League 2023-2024?

Al Awal Park Stadium will host a new summit for Saudi football, which will bring together Al Nassr and Al Hilal, in the 32nd round of the Saudi Roshan League 2023-2024. “Read the details

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Messi pays the price for Al Hilal’s refusal… Cristiano Ronaldo’s “special kind” of superiority due to victory

Once again… the Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker of the first team of the Saudi club Al-Nassr, has outperformed all the stars of the most popular game in the world, and the giants of other sports as well. “Read the details

“The most notable are the previous goals of Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad.” 227 players are available to move to Saudi Arabia

Although there are two months remaining until the summer Mercato officially opens; However, the transfer market is the main concern of sports fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Read the details

“Yasser Al-Qahtani is right in describing you as brilliant.” The former Al-Nasr star attacks Al-Hilal’s media professionals

At a time when Fahd Al Harifi is promoting; The former Al-Nasr star, against the idea of ​​Al-Alamy organizing an honorary pass for his rival, Al-Hilal, opposes Khaled Al-Ghamdi. The former star of the same club rejected that idea once and for all, considering it a failure in the history of those who do it. “Read the details

To win the Riyadh Derby…a surprising step by Al-Nasr management for its players before facing Al-Hilal!

Al-Nasr is preparing to host its counterpart, Al-Hilal, this Friday evening, in the Riyadh derby match, and Al-Alami’s management makes a surprising decision for the players of the yellow team. “Read the details


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