Al Hilal’s series of victories? Guinness reveals a surprise regarding the leader’s record


The Guinness Book of World Records revealed a surprise to Al Hilal fans, regarding the record that Al-Zaeem is currently seeking, by becoming at the top of the list of clubs with the most consecutive victories.

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Last February, the Argentinian newspaper El Grafico indicated that the world record for the longest winning streak, held by Czech club Sparta Prague with 50 wins, was achieved in the early 1990s.

Guinness World Records settled this matter through a message via Al-Riyadiah newspaper, where it confirmed the longest series of victories owned by the Welsh New Saints, with 27 wins initially, and that Al-Hilal will equal its record if it wins over Al-Riyadh today.

The encyclopedia added that it is currently reviewing the record in its records, but preliminary estimates indicate that New Saints has the largest number of consecutive victories, not Sparta Prague, as was rumored.

Regarding granting Al-Hilal a document if the New Saints record is broken, Guinness told the newspaper: “We will review the issue of Al-Hilal Club, and we will inform you when the number and match records are finalized.

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Al Hilal Club has currently reached 26 consecutive wins, and wants to win against Riyadh this Friday evening, in order to equal the Welsh New Saints record of 27 victories.


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