Al-Muallem series: 5 steps to support your wife who has cancer

witnessed events Teacher series from Ramadan 2024 series It stars the star Mustafa Shaaban, which is shown on Al-Hayat channel and the platform WATCH IT The most prominent of these snapshots witnessed in the events of the series is that the doctor told Sahar Al-Sayegh, Mustafa Shaaban’s wife, that she was suffering from “leukemia,” which is a blood cancer that led to a delayed pregnancy after giving birth to their first child, who was 7 years old. Therefore, we present in this report ways for the husband to support his wife. Cancer, according to the websitepercihealth“.

– Understand your wife’s emotions

Fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and frustration are all valid feelings that your wife may feel. She will likely go through emotional fluctuations, and this may manifest in the form of turbulent and unexpected external reactions. If your wife wants to open up to you in conversation, listen to her, but do not try to fix anything or She compares her experience to someone else’s experience, and if you don’t want to talk about her thoughts, respect her privacy and tell her that you are available if she ever wants to talk.

– be patient

Sometimes you may feel that your wife hates you, but try not to take it personally. Mood swings and behavioral changes are a natural reaction when suffering from this disease, so you must be patient.

– How to act and respond

Be yourself and try to maintain the same balance in the relationship that existed between you before your wife was diagnosed with cancer, and respond to what your wife needs because her needs will change depending on her feelings or the stage she has reached in treatment.

-Continue communicating

It’s important to keep talking to each other and don’t assume you know what each other is thinking. How you feel, what your needs are, what works and what doesn’t work for you are topics worth discussing when they come up. Let your wife know you’re there for her. Think about… The support you can give her While you can commit to meeting her needs and then tell her what you can help with, all your wife may want is your company but you won’t know unless you talk to her.

– Face it together

It may be reassuring for both of you to be united in the face of your spouse’s diagnosis, even if your roles have changed or the dynamic of your relationship has changed somewhat. Maintaining your respect for each other and making decisions together can provide you with strength and comfort. Talk to each other about the inevitable changes in your lives in addition to… Ways you can adapt your roles and routines to make things work better for you both.

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