Al-Muallem series, Episode 7.. Salwa Khattab’s tricks to get rid of Mustafa Shaaban – Art

Episode 6 of the Al-Muallem series witnessed Ahmed Fouad Selim fainting, after the state of extreme sadness that befell him after receiving a report from the court warning him of imprisonment if he failed to pay 2 million pounds during the next few days.

Mustafa Shaaban goes to Suez to get fish

Mustafa Shaaban decides to go to Suez to get fish, in order to pay off the 2 million pounds and ensure that Ahmed Fouad Selim is not imprisoned.

Salwa Khattab learns of Mustafa Shaaban’s trick, and meets with her family to think of a way to get rid of Mustafa Shaaban.

In the following lines, we reveal two methods that Salwa Khattab resorted to to get rid of Mustafa Shaaban. The first method comes by sending Munther Rayahneh to cut off Mustafa Shaaban’s path, so that he does not reach Suez in addition to killing him. As for the second method, through Ahmed Abdullah, who was incited by Munther Rayahneh to kill him. Mustafa Shaaban for 100 thousand pounds.

While the third method comes by placing Mustafa Shaaban’s drugs in the fish merchandise that Salwa Khattab will bring from Suez and informing the police about him.

The heroes of the teacher series

Teacher series Participating in the starring role alongside Mustafa Shaaban, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed Badir, Intisar, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Muhammad Al-Amrousi, Salwa Othman, Munther Rayahna, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Tariq Al-Nahri, and Alaa Zeinhom.

The date of the presentation of the Al-Muallem series

The Teacher series is shown daily, exclusively on the TV channel lifeat 9.45 pm.

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