Algeria’s diplomacy suffers from stunting syndrome

The Ambassador, the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, Omar Hilal, asked his Algerian counterpart, Ammar Ben Jama, about his presence in Caracas, despite obtaining a mandate from the Arab Group to defend its issues in New York, in response to the misleading allegations promoted by the Algerian Ambassador to the United Nations regarding… The issue of the Moroccan Sahara, during the conference of the Committee of 24.

Hilal said: “You talk about the desert as if you have no responsibilities.” Mr. Ambassador, I would like to ask you a question: The Arab group that elected you to represent the Arab countries in the Security Council would have preferred for you to remain in New York to defend the Palestinian cause. You came here, three days ago, just to give a speech about the Moroccan Sahara.”

“You do not bear your responsibility for which the international body elected you to the Security Council. Rather, you preferred to give priority to your national agenda, Algeria’s agenda regarding the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.”

Ambassador Hilal confronted his Algerian counterpart about his country’s preoccupation with the Moroccan Sahara, highlighting that the Committee of 24 is deliberating on many issues, but he only touched on the Moroccan Sahara, and did not dare to talk about other issues.

In his response to the Algerian ambassador’s claim that his country is impatiently awaiting the settlement of the Sahara issue, and the reasons for repeatedly asking this question during the work of the Committee of 24, the Moroccan ambassador said: “We are here because Algeria refused to resume the third round of round tables within the framework of the political process. You talk about peace, but you refuse to do your part as those responsible for the situation that has been going on for half a century.”

Hilal continued, addressing his Algerian counterpart: “Your country is responsible for freezing efforts to resolve this regional conflict.”

In his response to the Algerian ambassador’s biased reference regarding the referendum, Hilal said: “You talked about the settlement plan and the referendum, but you neglected that the Security Council buried it a quarter of a century ago. “Your diplomacy, Mr. Ambassador, suffers from stunted syndrome.”

Hilal said: “This means that time stopped for Algeria in 1991 regarding the settlement plan.” It has not evolved since then. Your country has not kept pace with the development of the world. You did not see the fall of the Berlin Wall. You did not see that there are 107 countries that support the Moroccan initiative for autonomy. You turn a blind eye to the number of consulates that were opened in the Moroccan cities of Laayoune and Dakhla. Also, Algeria did not realize that the Security Council had moved from the settlement plan to the political solution, which requires negotiation between all parties. She has not seen the resolutions calling on her to resume the series of round tables, which she continues to insist on rejecting! After Algeria participated in the first two meetings of the round tables, it refused to participate in the third meeting, even though the Security Council requested that.”

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