An MK from the Likud against Yanon Magal: “Sara Netanyahu was not involved in what came out”

The political system has been in turmoil since yesterday due to the unusual reaction that came out on behalf of the Likud after the publication of the report of the investigation committee regarding the Miron disaster, in which the ruling party attacked the committee and labeled it as political. This evening (Thursday) MK Keti Shatrit of the Likud spoke with Tal Shalu and Keren Barak on 103FM and responded to the statements.

After Yanon Magal’s accusations: Sara Netanyahu is only the victim Mickey Levin

Sheetrit denied the claims voiced by Yanon Magal, that the Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, was involved in formulating the response: “We need to stop this. I have yet to see any woman prime minister who, every day, for every omission and every thing that happens, she is immediately attached to her. I unequivocally think and also know that Sarah Netanyahu was not involved in what was released yesterday by Guy Levy (Likud spokesman).”

“One of the members of the committee was supposed to be number 2 in Beish Atid. I would treat the response as the Prime Minister responded today. The Likud’s response did not come from the Prime Minister’s behalf,” added Shetrit.

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