And that’s without Mbappe: how much is Real Madrid’s attack squad worth?

While other major clubs in the world suffer from professional (Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and others) or financial (Barcelona) problems, Real Madrid is at its peak – professionally and financially.

President Florentino Peres and his team were able to gradually refresh the staff and build a young, strong and quality team that will lead the club in the coming years.

The great dependence on Cristiano Ronaldo and after that on Karim Benzema, the Blancos replaced with a young and dynamic attack squad – Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Jr. and Rodrigo. Kylian Mbappe should of course join them in the summer and turn the team from Madrid into one of the deadliest seen in world football.

Mbapa, Photo: Reuters

The three talented attacking players of the leader of the Spanish league are also worth a lot of money. Bellingham’s value in the market is estimated at 180 million euros and his salary reaches 17 million pounds. Vinicius has a similar salary, and his value is lower but slightly – 150 million euros. The third and least senior side – Rodrigo is worth 100 million euros, but his salary reaches about £7 million “only” for the season. It is estimated that next season Rodrigo will be relegated to the bench in favor of the French star of PSG.

What do all three have in common? All of them were rewarded by President Peres in the contract with an astronomical price tag of one billion euros to prevent interest from groups from Saudi Arabia and other rich countries.

On the Madrid bench are several other extremely talented players, and they should also be among the leading talents in world football in the coming decade. The Turkish Arda Golar who suffers from reception difficulties with the Blancos and also from a troublesome injury, but is considered one of the following. Brahim Dias and Khoslo, who are less appreciated, can also form a significant part of the group in the years to come, or at least bring significant amounts of money into the group’s bank account.


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Vinicius and Rodrigo. get a new brazilian friend, Photo: AP

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