As soon as the results of the elections were announced: the Pyroman from Or Akiva returned to action

After a few months of silence – the pyroman from Or Akiva is back in action: During the night (between Sunday and Monday), five vehicles were set on fire in different places in the city. The police are still unable to get their hands on the serial arsonist. The investigators are looking into whether arson has anything to do with the election results.

Fire and rescue forces from the Hadera station were called to put out five vehicles that were set on fire during the night. The vehicles were set on fire in different places in the city, which shows that these were deliberate arson attacks.

A car that was set on fire. “May the nightmare end”, Photo: Photo: Or Akiva community group

As early as February 2023, it was revealed in “Israel Hayom” that in Or Akiva, a pyroman is operating every night setting fire to vehicles and turning the lives of the residents into a nightmare. According to the suspicion, this is a person who benefits from the very act of arson. The same person comes to car parks at night, pours a flammable substance on them, lights a lighter and runs away. The police then arrested a number of suspects, but the investigation did not lead to indictments and they were released. After a few months of silence, the pyroman resumed operation in September 2023.

After a few nights the flare-ups disappeared. However, during the night, immediately after it became clear that the former mayor Simcha Yosifov had defeated the acting mayor Eli Ankonina, five vehicles were set on fire. Hadera police station investigators have opened an investigation. The investigators are investigating whether Yosifov’s election as mayor is related to the renewal of vehicle arson.

“We had a few months of silence and thought it was behind us, but it turns out that the burning of vehicles at night has returned,” said a concerned resident. “It’s like roulette, you park the car and pray that in the morning you don’t wake up and find out that it was burned. It’s an unbearable situation. It’s time for the police to catch whoever is doing this. We’re living in a nightmare.”

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