Bible Quiz 2024: How much is the winner’s prize worth?

The winners of the HaTanakh quiz (screenshot)

The following qualified for the finals: Avitar Bargil from Israel with 90 points, David Shasha from Israel – 90 points, Dov Guthelf from the USA with 89 points, and Noa Kahan from Israel with 84 points. After the prime minister’s question, the full score: in fourth place after weighing all the answers: Noa Kahan With 108 points. In third place: Dov Guthelf from the USA with 117 points.

What are the prizes awarded this year and how much are they worth? In fourth place Noa Kahan from Israel and third place Dov Guthelf from the USA received a fancy leather Bible and a laptop worth NIS 10,000. The joint first places – after a drama in the final – Avitar Bergal and David Shasha also received a scholarship and a laptop.

Tuition in Israel at the university is: NIS 11,296 per year, and if the winners choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the university, the value is NIS 33,888. The cost of studying at the college ranges from NIS 35,000 to NIS 42,000 (however, it may be lower or higher than this range). Thus, the total tuition fee for the degree varies between 110,000 – 126,000 shekels.

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As a reminder, the following qualified for the final four last year: from Israel – Amona Cohen with 122 points (full score), Neta Lex also from Israel with 117 points. Tamar Dahan (98 points) and Omar Kidar (104 points) in the 3rd-4th places. What are the prizes given out and how much are they worth?

Dahan and Kidar, who, as mentioned, came in 3-4 places last year, did not leave empty-handed and won a fancy leather Bible and a laptop worth NIS 10,000. Both the winner of the competition – Amona Cohen, and her runner-up – Neta Lex – also received a leather Bible Luxurious, and in addition a full scholarship to any educational institution they choose to attend.

As of last year, the university tuition is approximately 10,391 NIS per year for a bachelor’s degree, and the total scholarship for the degree is between 30 and 40 thousand NIS, depending on the number of years of study.

If Amona and Neta chose to study at a private institution that is not funded by the state, their scholarship will be higher. Currently, the cost of studying at a private college (or at the private Reichman University) for one academic year ranges from 35,000 to 42,000 shekels (however, it may also be lower or higher than this range.) Therefore, the total tuition for the degree ranges from 110,000 to 126,000 shekels on average.

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