Biden praises Schumer’s speech and an American official indicates a change in tone towards Israel News

The American President praised Joe Biden Today, Friday, in a speech by the leader of the Democratic majority in… Senate American Chuck Schumer strongly criticized the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuHe called for organizing new elections in Israel.

Biden said, in statements at the White House in response to a question about Schumer’s speech yesterday in the Senate, that it was good and during which he expressed the serious concern of many Americans.

Biden added that Chuck Schumer contacted the presidential team regarding his speech regarding Israel.

The leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate – who has strongly supported Israel for a long time and is the most senior American Jewish elected official – described Netanyahu as a major obstacle to peace, and accused him of submitting to the demands of those he described as extremists, referring in particular to the two finance ministers. Bezalel Smotrich And national security Itamar Ben Gvir.

He also said that Israel’s rejection of the two-state solution is a grave mistake, and criticized settlement expansion in the West Bank.

Schumer’s statements sparked angry reactions from the Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu and other right-wing parties, who expressed their rejection of American interference in what they called “Israeli democracy,” while the Israeli opposition leader said Yair Lapid Senator Chuck Schumer’s speech indicates that Netanyahu is losing major supporters of Israel in the United States.

Intentional change

Meanwhile, the American website Politico quoted a senior official in President Joe Biden’s administration as saying that the change in the tone of US administration officials towards Israel is intentional.

The American official said that the administration’s rhetoric regarding humanitarian aid has become more severe as the situation has worsened Gaza stripHe added that Washington’s principles have not changed, which are the return of the “hostages”, the defeat of Hamas, the protection of civilians, and the two-state solution.

There have recently been reports of the US President’s dissatisfaction with the Israeli Prime Minister, due to the latter’s failure to respond to Washington’s calls to facilitate the arrival of aid to Gaza and reduce the number of civilian casualties in the Strip.

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