Biden stumbles hard in attack-filled debate with Trump

During the first half hour of the debate, it appeared Biden Hoarse and hesitant at times, he stumbled in his speech more than once, while Trump He launches one attack after another with repeated misinformation, such as the claim that immigrants are on a crime wave and that Democrats support the killing of children.

Both Biden (81 years old) and Trump (78 years old) are under pressure to show that they can deal with various issues and avoid any lapses in the conversation, while they seek to find a starting point and advance in a race that opinion polls have shown for months to be quite close.

Two White House officials said Biden was suffering from a cold.

Before the debate began, the two men, who do not hide their hatred for each other, did not shake hands.

The first questions focused on the economy, at a time when opinion polls show that Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s performance despite wage growth and low unemployment.

Here we publish the developments of the debate:

Who has dominated the debate so far between Biden and Trump in part 2?

As the second part of the debate between Biden and Trump ended, CNN counted the number of minutes the two candidates spoke during the 90 minutes:

  • Trump spoke for 38 minutes and 13 seconds.
  • Biden spoke for 33 minutes and 41 seconds.

Age and health…and a mutual attack

  • As the debate drew to a close, both candidates addressed the sensitive question of age.
  • Biden recalled that he was once the youngest man in politics, and moved to talk about his accomplishments as president as evidence that he was up to the task.
  • Trump recalled the cognitive tests he took as president and challenged Biden to do the same.
  • The two candidates then talked about their physical and athletic qualities and argued about who had better golf skills.
  • Finally, Trump said, “Let’s be mature.” Biden replied, “You’re a child.”

Biden and Trump are fighting in “World War III”

  • Trump: “Biden will lead us into World War III. Putin and Kim Jong Un don’t fear him.”
  • Biden: “If you want World War III, just tell Putin ‘Do whatever you want with NATO,'” referring to a previous statement by Trump.

Trump evades question about addiction

  • Jake Tapper twice tried to get an answer from Trump about how he helps Americans struggling with addiction. But Trump dodged the question again, and ended up talking about Ivan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter who is being held in Russia on espionage charges.

Trump largely ignores question about climate change

  • Trump largely ignored a question about climate change to attack President Biden on the economy and immigration.
  • “Trump has done absolutely nothing for the environment,” Biden said.

Biden stumbles on question about black voters

  • Asked about black voters’ disillusionment with his administration, President Biden stumbled over his answer and pointed to a long list of policies such as child care costs.


  • According to CNN about the first part of the debate: Donald Trump spoke for 23 minutes and 6 seconds, while Joe Biden spoke for 18 minutes and 26 seconds.

Biden pulls out Stormy Danielle’s card

  • Biden launches strongest attack on Trump: You had sex with a porn actress while your wife was pregnant
  • Trump responds: I did not have any relationship

Trump responds to a question about his criminal convictions and attacks Biden’s son

  • Asked about his criminal convictions, Trump did not directly address them, but instead pointed to Hunter Biden’s criminal convictions, taking aim at the president’s son’s legal troubles. “He could be a convicted felon as soon as he gets out of office,” Trump said of Biden. “That guy is a criminal.”

Biden: ‘I’m looking at a convicted person now’

“I now look at a convicted person,” President Joe Biden said during the debate, addressing Donald Trump, referring to the charges and convictions Trump faces.


  • Trump has said he could end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine before taking office, but has not explained how he would do so.
  • Biden warned that Putin would not stop at Ukraine and asked: “What do you think will happen to those NATO member states?”
  • Biden did not capitalize on this part of the debate where he could take a strong jab at Trump for his exaggerated relationship with Putin, but merely tried to defend his record of uniting Western allies, despite the ongoing war.

Biden Passionately Defends Administration’s Record on Veterans

  • Biden passionately defended his administration’s record on veterans, saying they are doing “more than ever in our history” for veterans.

“You’re the fool. You’re the loser.”

  • “You’re the fool,” Biden told Trump. “You’re the loser.” It’s a quote that reflects the kind of insult-laden language the Biden campaign criticizes Trump for using.
  • “More people died on his watch — even though we’ve largely fixed the situation — more people died on his watch than we did on our watch, and we were in the middle of the crisis,” Biden added.

Trump attacks Biden over border policies

  • During the debate, former President Donald Trump launched an attack on President Joe Biden over his border policies. Trump noted that the Biden administration has seen more than 7.9 million encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border, nearly three times the number that occurred under Trump.
  • Trump noted that migrants have fled their homes for multiple reasons, including the pandemic’s impact on Central American economies and natural disasters. He also said he had interviewed migrants who confirmed that they were encouraged to come because they expected a more welcoming administration.


  • During the debate, Trump claimed that Democrats “support abortion up to and beyond the ninth month”, and claimed that some Democratic states were adopting this position.


  • President Joe Biden faced his first question from host Jake Tapper, who asked him what his message would be to Americans who feel they are worse off financially under his administration than they were under Trump.
  • Biden responded that he had taken over an economy in “free fall.” He praised his record of creating jobs and lowering prescription drug prices and other household costs.
  • For his part, Trump claimed that he had “the greatest economy in the history of our country” and that inflation was “absolutely killing us.”

Biden’s early blunders

Biden made some gaffes early on, misstating the number of jobs created during his presidency and inconsistently saying he “finally beat Medicare.”

The debate will be held at the network’s studios. CNN Without the presence of an audience, and managed by broadcasters Jake Tapper AndDana Bash.

This debate aims to discuss a range of important issues affecting the country, including the economy, foreign policy, abortion rights, and homeland security.

Biden enters the debate in an attempt to demonstrate his ability to lead and confront criticism related to his age and mental performance, while Trump seeks to restore voters’ trust and highlight his policies on immigration, crime and inflation.

The debate comes at a sensitive time ahead of the 2024 presidential election, as both candidates seek to win over undecided voters and bolster their standing with the American public.

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