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Danibot 1 keyboard thug

How much love the people on the site give you.

The amount of people who say their opinion about you only increases – they all have negativity!

You want to continue being the joke of the site, fine.

For the benefit of the audience and a reminder to Danny – what did readers say about you in YNET’s food section in 2011 before they kicked you out.
A small part of the dozens of responses…

Saving comments – copy and paste.

I’m shocked, I’m shocked, I’m stunned
Alec Alex (26.03.11)
…that give a platform to this repulsive, petty, pathetic and troublesome man, whose entire mission is to spread hatred and evil in the world. Once in a while, with a tenacity bordering on insane obsession, he kills recipes and condescendingly offers advanced versions.
And one more thing: the photo of the orange cake is nauseating! I will relate!

Danny – you and your cakes are repulsive
Elad (27.03.11)
It’s a bit hard to decide what’s more repulsive – the shocking cakes that appear here in the article, or you in your disgusting phrasing in all the comments
You definitely deserve the crown of the most repulsive talkbackkit
Maybe there is a connection between your disgusting food and your disgusting behavior,
And get off the high horse you’re sitting on, and learn to accept criticism from people as well
Especially when you constantly criticize in an extremely rude manner.
And as you wrote to someone here – if you don’t like the high-calorie and high-flavor cakes that appear in the section – then don’t enter and don’t comment.

His reactions to other people’s recipes are always insulting
And you give him a stage (27.03.11)
That is, this man, who only insults every chef who gives good recipes here, gets an award for his beastly behavior.
A sign that you should be read less.

agree agree agree
You took the words out of my mouth.
If ynet is interested in refreshing the section or bringing in different things from time to time, sit down and think about how to do new, original, non-trivial things, etc. To give the bully of the section a reward for his brutality, this is not “loudness” or tolerance for other opinions or open-mindedness, it is simply stupidity.
Not to mention the minimal lack of collegiality towards the regular chefs who appeared and invested here and Danny Toronto insulted them and insulted them rudely time after time.
And just like what was written above me, if you don’t respect yourselves, your writers and your readers – this section will be destroyed and you won’t have any readers left.

Today is Danny’s holiday out of 157 comments, at least 100 of his comments!!
Ezra (26.03.11)
Tell me there is no time difference in Tonto?
did you have a good night
How many responses, what diligence!! I would hire you to work at the post office

Danny – you are sick
I’m sorry, go to therapy (26.03.11)
Sorry, but you are brainwashed.
You are careful not to add the poor dash of salt, but you use white flour.
“In your opinion” there are poisons in silicone molds: so A – your opinion does not determine. B- What do you think, that the normal molds are not made of some material that might contain toxic substances? After all, they scratch and who knows what they secrete…
2 percent yogurt is mandatory, but is butter okay?
I have one word for you – OCD
Y/S amazing treatments today.
Go free yourself.
And if you don’t feel like taking care of yourself – then at least smoke something – maybe relax a little..

All those who come down, do yourself a favor – the fact that you are here, on an Israeli site…
You are a bunch of morons (27.03.11)
They talk about how terrible the Israelis are, but go to Israeli websites again and again. The Israeli character does not suit you – so please go to the websites of the countries you went to and leave us alone.

Danny – it’s time for you to realize that you are not the king of the wise
Your arrogance is repulsive (26.03.11)
And you will not determine for anyone what makes sense to eat and what does not
You condescend to everyone and it’s disgusting! As disgusting as some of your foods
Why don’t you just go to the pet store and buy a mixture for the birds?
According to the materials you use it really suits you
So you will continue with your “logical” line of thought and let others continue to eat human food, even if it makes them fat
In the meantime, what is certain is that your “healthy and sensible” food only makes you one of the most repulsive people and this is reflected in all your comments here as well and especially in the comments to other recipes

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