Cyrine Abdel Nour collapsed from pain and the stars came to console her

Star Cyrine Abdel Nour had difficulty controlling herself in the last moments to bid her mother farewell to her final resting place, in the presence of her family and a large number of stars who were keen to console and support her in her painful affliction.

At her mother’s funeral, the Lebanese star appeared strong at times and weak at other times, and she was praying and praying to the Lord of the Worlds with a burning heart.

A large number of Lebanese stars were keen to console Cyrine Abdel Nour, and among them were: Magda Al Roumi, Najwa Karam, Madonna, Nancy Ajram, Nadine Al Rassi, Youssef Haddad and Ward Al Khal. Joseph Attia, Adel Karam and George Khabbaz also attended.

The Lebanese star and her sister, Sabine Nahhas, accepted condolences to her mother in St. Nicholas Church in Beirut, and the stars present expressed their deep sadness over Cyrine’s injury and the suffering she had experienced for a long time with her mother’s illness, and her ability to keep everything secret and follow the deceased’s condition silently and carefully.

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