Degrading and bullying pictures.. Mustafa Bakri reveals the details of the death of Naira, a student at school

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Books – Muhammad Shaker:

Journalist Mustafa Bakri commented on the death of Naira Salah, a student at Al-Arish University, saying: “The details of the crime are a warning bell for society, a final bell for us to wake up and raise our children well.”

Bakri added, during his presentation of the Facts and Secrets program, broadcast on Sada El Balad channel: Naira Salah’s crime was committed because of the bullying and blackmail she was subjected to by some of her colleagues in the university residence by publishing private pictures taken of her surreptitiously, which are indecent pictures.

Mustafa Bakri continued: “The student, Naira Salah, who is 18 years old, was subjected to bullying and blackmail by a colleague and colleague at the university. The student at Al-Arish University, Naira, was unable to prevent the blackmail that her colleagues wanted to practice on her.”

Bakri continued: “The Ministry of Interior has finished examining the position of the student Shorouk Ahmed, the university city supervisor, and one of the friends of the suicidal student Naira Salah, in preparation for presenting them to the Public Prosecution to uncover the circumstances of her suicide. The student Shorouk’s father, who is a police officer, has been suspended until the investigations are completed.”

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