Despite his need for money, Barcelona stars prevent him from benefiting from Saudi Arabia’s magic “lamp.”

Many Barcelona stars are wanted in the Rushen League, however!


The Saudi Roshen League clubs have become like “Aladdin’s magic lantern” for their European counterparts, as very huge offers financially contributed to saving the budgets of many of the Old Continent’s teams last summer, and despite Barcelona’s urgent need for this “magic lantern,” the matter seems far-fetched.

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Saudi clubs want to sign many Barça stars, and have already tried to include some of them last summer, but their attempts were not successful. However, the road towards success is not paved, but rather has many obstacles.

These obstacles are not placed by Barça, which seems to welcome the sale to save its dilapidated economic and financial situation, but by the players themselves by refusing to leave Catalonia and move to Saudi Arabia.

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In the following report, we review the most prominent names associated with the Saudi League from Barcelona and the reasons for the difficulty of their transfer..


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