Diaa El-Sayed: Al-Ahly players must be exempted from the national team in the final of the friendly tournament

Zia Al-Sayed, coach, confirmed Egypt national team Previously, the dates of the friendly tournament for the Egyptian national team, and the possible clash with Al-Ahly due to its connection to the performance of the match against Simba of Tanzania, is a continuation of the series of administrative failure on the part of those responsible for Egyptian football in the recent period, stressing that it was necessary to meet with the clubs and coordinate fully.

He said in television statements: “The Egyptian clubs and their players are the capital of the Egyptian national team, and we must communicate with them on an ongoing basis, and so far the Football Association and the League have not come out to talk about the Ahmed Refaat crisis, to avoid its occurrence in the future, and they are content only with issuing statements that they are communicating with Future officials.” .

He added: “Medical equipment must be provided in ambulances in stadiums, and the first aid he underwent in the hospital should have been on the field, but only issuing statements is being done, instead of reviewing the procedures. What happened is a disaster by all standards.”

He continued: “There must be complete coordination between the technical staff of the Egyptian national team, led by Hossam Hassan, with Al-Ahly club officials, and I advise Hossam not to get into clashes, because he will need the players to be with him in a high form, in order to prepare more strongly for the official matches, and he must focus only on That is to solve the crises themselves, and to stay away from union officials as much as possible because they will not be able to solve the crises.”

He continued: “The only solution to end Al-Ahly’s crisis with the Egyptian national team is for the Al-Ahly players not to participate in the second friendly confrontation on March 26. The reason for this crisis is the dates of the Confederation of African Football, and therefore coordination must be achieved with friendly and logical solutions.”

He added: “I hope that the relationship between the Egyptian national team and the clubs will be friendly and that there will be a session between Ibrahim Hassan and Khaled Bibou, Al-Ahly’s director of football, to resolve any crisis, especially since the camp was started early and far from the date officially set on the FIFA agenda, and the length of the camps will certainly not be “In favor of regularity of the Egyptian League matches, and the crisis regarding Al-Ahly players requires a decision from Hossam Hassan.”

He pointed out that Ahmed Fattouh, the left-back of Zamalek, should have been present in the Egypt national team camp, because Mohamed Hamdy was suspended in the match with Burkina Faso, and Fattouh should have been included and equipped within the current international agenda, and benefited from in the future because he is an important player whose presence and possesses great international experience, and it was possible. There is also Mustafa Shalabi, but in the end he has artistic viewpoints.

He concluded: “I hope to focus on Ahmed Refaat’s issue, and that there will be clear medical procedures in all stadiums in the future in order to avoid disasters.”

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