Did her part: Hadera remained with 1:2 over Netanya

The outstanding actor

Raz Tweezer, score: 7
Came on as a substitute and changed the game for Hadera with an important goal.

The disappointing player

Ibrahim Tanko, score: 3
Looks like one of Maccabi Netanya’s worst procurement deals in recent years.

The highlights in the lower playoffs of the Premier League came today (Saturday), when Po’el Hadera played host to Maccabi Netanya as part of the 32nd round of the teams in the lower playoffs. The Vihartaiyim beat the Diamonds 1:2 and ensured their stay in the Premier League.

The first half started weakly. Both teams often lost balls, were not in the game and had trouble getting into situations. In the 40th minute the floodgates opened when Raz Tweezer, who came on ten minutes earlier after an injury to Godsway Donio, scored from close range. On the verge of going down to the break, Bar Cohen balanced the result by finishing off a beautiful attack by the host.

The second half continued at the same pace as the first ended. Itzik Schulmeister was fouled in the area by Omer Niraon. Elad Madmon stepped up to kick the free kick and hit the net. Until the end, both teams failed to score and the guests came out with the upper hand.

Following the victory, Haim Silves’ team secured the stay and will play in the Premier League next season as well. Marko Belbul’s team on the other hand with a second loss in a row within the league.

second half

Hadera players celebrate at the end (Roi Kfir)Hadera players celebrate at the end (Roi Kfir)
  • ’90+8
  • Judge's decision
  • Judge Shanir Levy blew his whistle to finish. Hapoel Hadera beat Maccabi Netanya 1:2 and stayed in the league
  • ’90+7
  • yellow card
  • Eitan Azoulai got a yellow card
Maccabi Netanya players (Roi Kfir)Maccabi Netanya players (Roi Kfir)
  • ’90+5
  • yellow card
  • Guy Herman also received a yellow card after wasting time
  • ’90+4
  • yellow card
  • Ido Levy also saw a yellow card
  • ’90+4
  • yellow card
  • Karim Jaber saw a yellow card
  • ’90+3
  • acidification
  • Bar Cohen took control of a ball in the box, cut to the center and sent a good kick that was stopped only by the crossbar
  • ’90+1
  • acidification
  • Raz Tweizer received a ball in the box, sent a good kick, but Omar Niraon got down in time and headed. The rebound came from Sammy Burrard who kicked from close range, but again Niraon reacted great and caught
Elad Madmon in action (Roi Kafir)Elad Madmon in action (Roi Kafir)
  • ’89
  • spare
  • Guy Mizrahi entered on the account of Itai ben Shabbat
  • ’86
  • spare
  • Ilai Trost came in instead of Elad Madmon
  • ’86
  • spare
  • Ruslan Barsky also left due to injury, Sami Bordad entered in his place
Haim Sylves (Roi Kfir)Haim Sylves (Roi Kfir)
  • ’84
  • acidification
  • Elad Madmon easily passed Itai Ben Shabbat and in front of Omar Niraon he sent a ball that went over the crossbar
  • ’82
  • acidification
  • Aviv Avraham tried his luck with a kick outside the box, but missed the frame
  • ’72
  • spare
  • Nasim Ouamao also left, Ahmed Salman entered at his expense
Marko Belval (Roi Kfir)Marko Belval (Roi Kfir)
  • ’72
  • spare
  • Aviv Avraham came in instead of Oz Bilo
  • ’72
  • spare
  • Dia Lavabidi came in for the injured Menashe Zalka
Menashe Zalka is referred to the emergency room (Roi Kfir)Menashe Zalka is referred to the emergency room (Roi Kfir)
  • ’68
  • injury
  • Menashe Zalka was injured and lay on the grass for many minutes, the player went to the emergency room when he had trouble breathing
Eitan Azoulai in action (Roi Kfir)Eitan Azoulai in action (Roi Kfir)
  • ’61
  • acidification
  • Elad Madmon found Raz Tweezer, the latter kicked from about 18 meters diagonally from the goal, but Omer Niraon was there and headed for the corner
  • ’60
  • spare
  • Boris did not leave, Maksim Plekoshchenko entered in his place
Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Roi Kafir)Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Roi Kafir)
  • ’52
  • Gate
  • Gate! Hadera went up 1:2: Elad Madmon stepped up to kick from the penalty spot and sent a bomb into the left corner and into the net
Elad Madmon kicks the penalty (Roi Kafir)Elad Madmon kicks the penalty (Roi Kafir)
Omar Niraon sees a yellow card (rui kfir)Omar Niraon sees a yellow card (rui kfir)
Omer Niraon trips Itzik Schulmeister (Roi Kafir)Omer Niraon trips Itzik Schulmeister (Roi Kafir)
  • ’50
  • yellow card
  • Omer Niraon got into trouble with a weak kick, tried to pick up the wrong ball and tripped Itzik Schulmeister in the box. Shanir Levy whistled for a penalty and drew a yellow card for the goalkeeper
  • ’46
  • spare
  • At the start of the second half, Ibrahim Tanko left and in his place came Liran Rothman

first half

Bar Cohen is happy (Roi Kfir)Bar Cohen is happy (Roi Kfir)
Maccabi Netanya players celebrate (Roi Kafir)Maccabi Netanya players celebrate (Roi Kafir)
  • ’45+1
  • Gate
  • Gate! Maccabi Netanya tied the score at 1:1: a great series of passing exchanges between the Netanya players ended with a cross from Oz Billo to Bar Cohen, the latter took control in the box and sent a weak, but accurate ball into the right corner and into the net
Guy Herman Surrenders (Roi Kfir)Guy Herman Surrenders (Roi Kfir)
Oz Bilo Moser (Roi Kfir)Oz Bilo Moser (Roi Kfir)
Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Roi Kafir)Hapoel Hadera players celebrate (Roi Kafir)
  • ’40
  • Gate
  • Gate! Hapoel Hadera went up 0:1: Hadera recovered a ball in Netanya’s half of the court, Elad Madmon entered the box and squeezed a good save from Omer Niraon, the rebound reached Raz Tweezer who rolled in from close range
Elad Madmon vs. Omer Niraon (Roi Kafir)Elad Madmon vs. Omer Niraon (Roi Kafir)
Lior Pharmacist Nogach (Roi Kfir)Lior Rokach Nogach (Roi Kfir)
  • ’35
  • acidification
  • Itzik Schulmeister the ball into the area, Lior Rokah arrived first and hit, but over the crossbar
Menashe Zalka against Boris Ino (Roi Kfir)Menashe Zalka against Boris Ino (Roi Kfir)
  • ’30
  • spare
  • A blow to Hapoel Hadera. Godsway Donio was injured and replaced, Raz Tweezer came in his place
Oz spent time with the ball (Roi Kfir)Oz spent time with the ball (Roi Kfir)
  • ’23
  • acidification
  • A ball that was lifted into the box reached Ruslan Barsky who kicked from close range, but Omar Niraon reacted wonderfully and headed for the corner
Ido Levy in action (Roi Kafir)Ido Levy in action (Roi Kafir)
  • ’20
  • Other
  • Twenty minutes from the opening, both teams often lost balls and had difficulty getting into situations
Boris does not take over (Roi Kafir)Boris does not take over (Roi Kafir)
  • ’9
  • acidification
  • Bar Cohen’s cross reached the head of Ibrahim Tanko, who from close range hit outside the box
Tamir Glazer Salzt (Roi Kfir)Tamir Glazer Salzt (Roi Kfir)
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • Referee Shanir Levy started the game!
Maccabi Netanya fans (Roi Kfir)Maccabi Netanya fans (Roi Kfir)

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