Discussed in the series “The Teacher”… Hidden signs of leukemia that you should not ignore

Asmaa Morsi wrote:

I discussed the first episode of the series “The Teacher,” which will be shown in the 2024 Ramadan season, and deals with the story of a wife who is afflicted with leukemia.

In the following lines, we explain hidden signs that indicate leukemia, according to the “timesofindia” website.

shortness of breath

A sign of leukemia, chronic fatigue leads to shortness of breath, feeling weak, extreme fatigue and gasping for air.

Excessive bruising

Unexplained bruising occurs without any physical injury, due to cancer of the blood cells, which in turn causes a low platelet count or clotting problems.

Swelling and enlargement of the gums

Swollen gums are not always the result of poor oral hygiene, but it may be a sign of a more serious health condition, such as acute leukemia.


An enlarged spleen is a sign of a chronic or acute type of leukemia, which leads to loss of appetite, due to the pressure of the enlarged spleen on the stomach.

Fever and chills

Fever indicates the presence of an infection in the body, which causes a weakened immune system, which is a risk factor for leukemia.

Night sweats

If you suffer from sweating at night, you should consult a specialist doctor immediately, as it may be caused by an infection or inflammation related to leukemia.

Frequent headaches

Headaches are not always caused by stress or anxiety, as they are associated with this type of cancer or bleeding in the head.

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