Early sale of chametz of the Mo’aa’d –

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The members of the court of the Mu’aa’d conducted a sale of property with Rabbi Chassid of Belza

Property for sale of chametz at Hagaraf Horvitz.  A.  Michaeli

Early sale of chametz: the chametz of the members of the court that the Ashdod rabbinate conducted the sale of the property at the HC Rabbi Chaim Pesach Horowitz Shalita Rabbi of Belez Chassidim.

Rabbi Ovadia Dahan was warmly congratulated for his blessed work in preparation for Passover, which was attended by the representatives of the Chief Rabbinate Rabbi Chaim Kalamanovitz Shalita, neighborhood rabbi and member of the city’s rabbinical office and chairman of the religious council, Rabbi Ovadia Dahan.

The rabbis in Ashdod used to get stricter with the opinions of the judges, because in order to strengthen the halachic validity of the sale of chametz to strangers that takes place on Pesach Eve, this sale must be made before an important court.

To this end, Rabbi Yitzchak Abergel Shalita, owner of the “Blessing of Yitzchak”, served for many years as the head of the “Torah and Kindness” of the HaHatz, with the rabbis of the neighborhoods in the city serving as members of the court. Due to the weakness of the Rabbi Abergel Shalita, his son-in-law Rabbi Ovadia Dahan Shalita was appointed to strengthen the status of this court.

In order to remove from the members of the tribunal any fear of financial or other involvement in the sale of chametz to strangers that is done before them, it was customary for the members of the tribunal not to sell their private chametz at the general chametz sale, and to arrange a private chametz sale for them. In accordance with a long-standing tradition, the private sale of the chametz by the members of the Court is done at Rabbi Chaim Pesach Horvitz Shlita Rabbi of the Beelz Chassidim and a member of the Kiryat Rabbinate.

To this end, the chametz sale was held in the office of the city’s teaching house, with the participation of Rabbi Ovadia Dahan and Rabbi Kalmanovitz, who, for the purpose of this sale, made the kinin soder and all the necessary kinins.

On this occasion, the chametz of the rabbis of the kashrut department in the city who serve as witnesses and as a guarantor in the rabbinate’s general chametz sale will be sold, so that they too will be free from any fear of financial or other involvement in this chametz sale, and to arrange a private chametz sale for them.

Rabbi Dahan carried and gave on the issue of the Gemara on the law of Kanin Soder and the Rabbi Horovitz renewed a wonderful explanation of the source of law of Kanin Soder which was learned from Boaz “and pulled off one’s shoe” which does not mean a shoe in our term but a hand glove that was used for work purposes.

At the end of the sale, Rabbi Horowitz was happy to hear about the activities of the religious council in preparation for Passover with the great rabbinical credit of “hegelat kilim” free of charge to the public and placed his hands on the head of Rabbi Ovadia Dahan and blessed him very kindly and said that thanks to him there is an expansion of holiness and purity in the city, and added, May God continue to give you strength and desire in your blessed actions and you have a desire to constantly act and do to multiply Torah and holiness, you will see blessing and success in the blessing of a kosher and happy Passover.

Rabbi Horowitz very kindly congratulated Rabbi Kalmanovitz for his dedicated sacred work in all genealogy research as the rabbi of the marriage department, which is a very important and precious job to preserve the lineage of the people of Israel. In the grammar of the Halacha for the dignity of the Shabbat. And ended with the blessing “Passover kosher and happy” – that we will be able to celebrate the Passover sacrifice for the first time that everything turned out smooth and kosher without any delays at all in Jerusalem, the holy city.

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