“Education” provides second semester exams on the “Our Children Abroad” platform – Egypt News

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the availability of downloading and uploading exam files on the “Our Children Abroad” platform, for grades from the fourth primary to the second secondary, in accordance with the approved official schedule for exams, and electronic copies (PDF) of the second semester exam files are being downloaded through the link. : https://sabroad.emis.gov.eg/Exams/View?isDor2=False&classType=Class2‎

Exams for students who missed the first semester are also downloaded via the link: https://sabroad.emis.gov.eg/Exams/View?isDor2=True&classType=Class1

The Ministry stresses the importance of the student making sure to write his personal data on the exam paper, which includes (student name – seat number). After the student finishes answering the exam paper, the guardian makes an electronic scan of the file in the form of a PDF file and then sends the electronic file. Through the electronic platform for our children abroad, using the guardian’s account on the platform, through the following link: https://sabroadupload.emis.gov.eg

The Ministry confirmed that exams for our children abroad are being held for the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, in the same manner and procedures followed in the first semester exams.

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