Egg Tuck bringing new take on scrambled egg sandwiches to Chicago from L.A.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A new breakfast spot in Chicago takes its eggs very seriously.

From the moment they open the register at Egg Tuck, managing partner Nicole Kim and her team are fielding orders from every direction during their morning rush.

“We keep scrambling eggs. Basically, we’re not stopping scrambled eggs because we know people are going to order,” Kim said.

The kiosks are busy, the grills are perpetually hot, and the stars of the show are coming off the stove in bulk. Since eggs are in nearly every dish on the menu, there’s no such thing as making too much.

“It’s not just like regular scrambled eggs. The texture is like more custardy, like more runny. Like, the flavor-wise, it’s kind of like Asian flavored,” Kim said.

Kim and her business partners fell in love with Egg Tuck when on a trip to Los Angeles.

“We never tried this kind of breakfast sandwich in Chicago, right? So we were thinking, we’re going to bring this product to Chicago. I will say Chicago people will love it.

They were so sure that Egg Tuck would be a success they didn’t just set out to open up one restaurant in Chicago, they’re going for three, with one in the Loop and one in Lincoln Park already.

“We actually may have more in the suburban area because right now, the two are already in the city,” Kim said. “People also are actually eager to find somewhere besides Starbucks, besides just regular frozen, like, heated-up sandwich.”

Kim said what sets Egg Tuck apart from the competition is how they scramble and season the eggs.

“It’s actually a business secret,” Kim said.

You can get your secretly-seasoned eggs any number of ways, stuffed into – or on top of – your carb of choice, from burrito to brioche.

“The bread is fresh and made in a local bakery, and then we cut our bread a very special way. So we cut kind of like in the middle, not like go through the whole thing. So we leave some space so we can tuck our egg in it. So it’s kind of like a pouch,” Kim said.

Since opening in December, they’ve sold over 500,000 egg-centric breakfasts; packed neatly and quickly into their signature bright yellow boxes, with the goal of giving you a sunny side-up start to an egg-cellent day every day.

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