Eliminated “tie breaker”? This is Marwan Issa whom Hamas is checking to see if he was killed

Reports according to which Marwan Issa, the deputy head of the military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas, was killed in the Gaza Strip were spread today (Monday) in the media. The possible elimination of Issa is not only the elimination of a senior leader of the organization after months without such an elimination, but also an injury to one of the organization’s oldest symbols of resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Marwan Issa is considered one of the cruel and dangerous terrorists who filled the ranks of the terrorist organization Hamas. Born in al-Boreij in the Gaza Strip, Issa joined Hamas at a young age and spent five years in an Israeli prison for terrorist activities. In addition, Issa was held in prison by the Palestinian Authority but was released at the beginning of the second intifada.

Issa took an active part in the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and even executed three Fatah prisoners during the terrorist organization’s takeover of the security mechanisms in the Gaza Strip in 2007.

Before the disengagement, Issa was considered by the IDF to be responsible in Hamas for attacking Israeli settlements and was apparently the first in Hamas to plan complex infiltration operations with the intention of taking over settlements. Issa was injured in 2006 during an attempt to assassinate the top Hamas command in the Gaza Strip.

As the man of the military wing of Hamas, Issa rarely appears in public. In 2011 he took an active part in the negotiations for the release of the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit and in 2015 he participated in a rare way in the conference of the terrorist organization Hamas and called for doubling the strength of the organization, in preparation for a future conflict with Israel.

Issa who befriended his brother Wael and his eldest son Bara’, who has since been killed by the IDF during riots near the border fence in 2018. Egypt refused to provide the wounded terrorist with medical aid, thus sealing his fate.

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