Eurovision 2024: Eden Golan broke an amazing record

Last night (Saturday) an entire country stood behind Aden Golan in her exciting performance in the Eurovision final that led to 5th place, despite the much anti-Semitism she suffered from. The minute she appeared won no less than 52.8% ratings, with 1,700,000 viewers.

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Eden Golan performed wonderfully, but someone else deserved to win Eurovision

The entire broadcaster also received a particularly impressive figure, with 37.3%. The record figure in the minute in which Golan took the stage, constitutes the record of his ratings won by the Public Broadcasting Corporation since its establishment.

Eden Golan cries after the performance in the final (Photo: Courtesy of Kaan 11)

As mentioned, despite the severe hatred, Golan won fifth place, mainly thanks to the audience’s vote. The dramatic week of the competition was surrounded by a wave of anti-Semitic incidents that culminated last weekend, but Aden Golan gave a compelling performance in all stages of the competition and in the final. According to the predictions on the betting sites, Golan jumped to second place in the ranking, but the judges’ vote and the audience’s votes lowered the score for Israel.

As every year, the vote was accompanied by political considerations, in the shadow of the anti-Israel events that took place around the competition. The judges almost did not award points to Israel, and the most “deus pois” was given to Switzerland, which was already seen as the winner in the first minutes.

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