Exclusive “For Her” – Meeting Swaidan resolves the controversy of her appearance in photos in a wedding dress

After sparking a lot of controversy over the past few hours about whether or not she got married after publishing pictures and video clips in which she appeared in a wedding dress, the artist Liqa Suwaidan revealed the truth of the matter, confirming that the issue was taken larger than its size, and that the pictures are from a normal photo session and nothing more.

Liqaa said in exclusive statements to “Laha”: “Although the issue has taken on a larger scale, I am happy with the congratulatory messages I received from the audience and their beautiful comments that made me feel proud.” She added: “The pictures were taken from a regular photo session, and there is no marriage.”

In previous statements to Laha, Suwaidan had revealed the truth about her marriage, saying: “My personal life is a red line, and I do not like to go into its details, and I do not have to confirm or deny the news of my marriage.”

It is noteworthy that the last husband of Suwaidan’s meeting was the artist Hussein Fahmy, from whom she separated in 2012 without her marriage yielding children. They entered into many crises because of his refusal to pay her expenses for pleasure and her equipment, and the matter reached them in court, and at that time she obtained 720 thousand from him. Pounds by ruling issued by the judiciary.

She revealed some details of their relationship during previous television interviews, saying: “I am a bold person and I do not get angry easily, and I did not break up with Hussein Fahmy because of jealousy. Rather, he was showing his jealousy over me because he loves me.” She added: “I was not seeking the beauty of Hussein Fahmy. Visual appeal is important and required, but a man is not only distinguished by his beauty, but also by his culture, self-confidence, and calm nature.”

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