“Financial Academy” launches “FinTech Camp 2024”

The Financial Academy launched the “FinTech Camp 2024” in cooperation with FinTech Saudi and the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at), with the participation of 30 creative young men and women from the Kingdom in an exceptional practical experience in the world of financial technology, to build national cadres specialized in financial technology, with the aim of making the Kingdom a global center for financial technology in line with the financial sector development program of Saudi Vision 2030. The camp aims to provide a stimulating environment to prepare and develop the next generation of financial technology pioneers in the Kingdom, as it provides an opportunity for ambitious Saudi youth to immerse themselves in a six-week training camp to explore the world of data analysis and emerging technologies in financial technology and artificial intelligence, in addition to developing businesses and prototypes.

The CEO of the Financial Academy, Mr. Mani bin Mohammed Al-Khamsan, explained that the camp is one of the main initiatives provided by the Financial Academy in support of the financial and technical sector to contribute to the development of the national economy, prepare and develop distinguished national cadres in the field of financial technology and provide the appropriate environment for them to build their innovations and employ them in their future careers. With the participation of an elite group of trainers, mentors and experts in the field of financial technology.

Al-Khamsan explained that the camp covers various topics including design thinking, data analysis, emerging technologies in financial technology and artificial intelligence, in addition to agile management, data analysis, and making decisions based on it, data analysis and visualization, as well as storytelling using financial technology data and emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence-powered growth, in addition to analyzing and improving automation processes, leading digital transformation, and presentation skills. The camp also includes various stages including the selection stage, the preparation stage, team formation, the bootcamp stage, the hackathon stage, and finally the model presentation stage.

It is noteworthy that the Financial Academy is an entity with an independent legal and administrative entity, and is organizationally linked to the Chairman of the Board of the Capital Market Authority, with the aim of qualifying, developing and developing human resources in the financial sector, by developing the knowledge, abilities, skills and culture of its employees, including administrative leaders and members of the Board of Directors in the sector’s establishments. Contributing to the development and promotion of best professional practices related to the sector, targeting all parties in the financial sector. Banking, finance, insurance, and financial market.

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