Fluctuation in the price of gold today, Saturday.. How much was it at the end of trading?

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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Books – Ahmed Wali:
The price of gold stabilized today, Saturday, at the end of trading compared to mid-trading prices, according to what Naguib Naguib, former Secretary General of the Gold Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Masrawy.

The price of a gram of gold had fallen by 35 pounds at the beginning of trading, before it rose again in the middle of trading by the same value and settled at 2,970 pounds by evening trading.

Gold prices today

14-karat gold prices stabilized at 1,980 pounds per gram.

The price of 18 karat gold was about 2546 pounds per gram.

The price of 21 carat gold stabilized at 2,970 pounds per gram.

The price of 24 karat gold was about 3,394 pounds per gram.

The price of the gold pound

The price of the gold pound stabilized at 23,760 pounds, and the price may vary from one merchant to another, and this price is equal to the value of gold in the pound.

Gold price globally

The price of gold globally reached about $2,156 per ounce (an ounce is equivalent to about 31.1 grams of 24 karat), according to the latest update of Bloomberg data.

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