Fundamental and technical analysis of gold and the main price levels

After the release of data yesterday and price fluctuations that were limited and close to negative, tensions returned to the forefront again… through reports from American sources that Iran’s response this time may be greater than usual.

After the issuance of these reports, it reactivated the role of a safe haven… and rose from yesterday’s low to today’s peak by approximately 75%.

Important gold price details regarding fundamental and technical analysis and the main price levels can be found in detail in the video attached below.

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A reminder in the margin of the article:

. Trading markets always fluctuate in their direction, and depend on a lot of data and news, in addition to major banks and market makers who often direct the market, even contrary to reality and logic sometimes.

. The opinions and ideas above are a summary of the analysis, and they are not direct recommendations, but rather advice for followers, taking into account that no one is able to profit continuously from trading operations, even large investors.

. Therefore, we always strive to reduce losses and increase profits in accordance with the analysis and point of view of the method of trading prices, by applying many combined and intersecting analysis methods to try to reach the best results.

. We have to work hard, and God is the Grantor of success.

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