Getting closer to the runners-up: Barcelona beat Sociedad 0:2

Spanish League 23-24

Game board

The outstanding actor

Lamin Yamal, score: 8
Did what he wanted on the pitch and scored a great goal. Another excellent performance by the talent

The disappointing player

Sraldo Becker, score: 3
The striker could score several times and change the picture for the Basques

Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 0:2 this evening (Monday), when they hosted them in Montjuic as part of the 35th round of La Liga. Xavi’s team was up to the task and returned to second place, which they hope to keep in the last games of the season. The game, like all the Spanish league games, was broadcast on channel ONE for HOT subscribers, yes subscribers, Cellcom TV, Partner TV and FreeTv.

The first half was closely fought with the Basques maintaining a low defensive line and relying on passing attacks, while the Catalans held the ball. Sraldo Becker was the only executor of the guests and missed several wining situations including a goal that was disallowed by a different claim.

On the other side, in the 40th minute, Lamin Yamal finished with a touch after Gundogan’s assist and made it 0:1 to the Blaugrana. In the second half, the game continued at the same pace as both teams missed chances, but in the 92nd minute, after VAR intervention, a penalty was awarded to the hosts after an early handball by Mikel Oyarsabel. Rafinha stepped up to kick and scored on the way to an easy 0:2 victory.

In the next round, the Catalans will be hosted by relegated Almeria, and will hope to keep the second leading place for the Supercup next season. On the other hand, the Basques will host Valencia in an exciting and difficult mid-table battle.

second half

  • ’90+6
  • Judge's decision
  • Judge Guillermo Cuadra whistled to end the match!
  • ’90+5
  • yellow card
  • Rafinha celebrated and took off his shirt, so he also received a yellow card
Rafinha celebrates (Reuters)Rafinha celebrates (Reuters)
  • ’90+3
  • Penalty goal
  • Gate! Barcelona went up 0:2: after VAR intervention, a penalty was awarded to the Blaugrana. Rafinha stepped up to kick from 11 meters and scored on the way to double the host’s advantage
  • ’90
  • spare
  • Another Xavi substitution: Oriol Romeu comes in for Ilkay Gundogan
  • ’85
  • acidification
  • Lamin Yamal continued to be dangerous. This time the talent went on a personal mission and tried to turn the ball from the edge of the box to the far corner, but his kick was deflected by the defense for a corner
Arsen Zakarian kicks (Reuters)Arsen Zakarian kicks (Reuters)
  • ’81
  • acidification
  • Substitute Arsen Zakarian kicked the frame with a free kick close to the goal, Ter Stegen reacted well and headed
  • ’79
  • spare
  • Albero Odrisola took to the pitch in place of Mari Traore
  • ’79
  • spare
  • Double substitution of the Basques: Arsen Zakarian replaced Bryce Mendes
Fran Torres vs Kieran Tierney (Reuters)Fran Torres vs Kieran Tierney (Reuters)
  • ’77
  • acidification
  • Just one minute after coming on as a substitute, Fran Torres kicked accurately into the corner, but Alex Ramiro provided another wonderful save and prevented a goal from the Spanish striker
  • ’76
  • spare
  • Another Barca substitution: Fran Torres replaced Robert Lewandowski
  • ’73
  • acidification
  • Taka Kubo, who had just entered, was already threatening the goal, but Ter Stegen reacted well and caught the ball
Ander Branchea vs. Lamin Yamal (Reuters)Ander Branchea vs. Lamin Yamal (Reuters)
  • ’71
  • spare
  • Taka Kobo came in for Sraldo Becker
  • ’71
  • spare
  • John Armborough went down from the turf, Ander Branchea took his place
  • ’71
  • spare
  • Immanuel Alguacil’s triple substitution: Kieran Tierney came on for John Pacheco
Lamin Yamal on the lawn (Reuters)Lamin Yamal on the lawn (Reuters)
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Andreas Christensen is out, Sergi Roberto is in his place
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Xavi’s double substitution: Pedri made way for Fermin Lopes
  • ’67
  • acidification
  • What a huge opportunity for the Basques. Bryce Mendes took advantage of a mistake in the defense, a throw-in by the host defense and a precise kick, but his ball missed Ter Stegen’s crossbar by inches
Lamin Yamal against the Real Sociedad defense (Reuters)Lamin Yamal against the Real Sociedad defense (Reuters)
  • ’65
  • acidification
  • Rafinha again had a great kick from outside the box, but Alex Ramiro was there to make a great save
  • ’64
  • yellow card
  • John Pacheco also received a yellow card after a foul on Jules Conde
John Aramburo vs. Lamin Yamal (Reuters)John Aramburo vs. Lamin Yamal (Reuters)
  • ’57
  • yellow card
  • John Aramburo also entered Guillermo Cuadra’s notebook
  • ’51
  • yellow card
  • Ilkay Gundogan received the first yellow card of the match, and will miss the Catalans’ next game
Robert Lewandowski vs. Robin Le Norman (Reuters)Robert Lewandowski vs. Robin Le Norman (Reuters)
  • ’48
  • acidification
  • Rafinha received the ball outside the area in a corner kick exercise, the Brazilian kicked well but the ball flew over Alex Ramiro’s goal

first half

  • ’43
  • acidification
  • Sraldo Becker continued to be the only executor in Immanuel Alguacil’s group. This time the striker missed the frame from a difficult angle
Lamin Yamal is happy (Reuters)Lamin Yamal is happy (Reuters)
Lamin Yamal and Rafinia celebrate (Reuters)Lamin Yamal and Rafinia celebrate (Reuters)
  • ’40
  • Gate
  • Gate! Barcelona went up 0:1: a pass from Ilkay Gundogan left Lamin Yamal one on one, the young talent did not get confused and scored with a touch to put the host in the lead
  • ’39
  • acidification
  • Ilkay Gundogan got to the rebound off the post, but tripped and kicked over the goal
  • ’38
  • acidification
  • Wow! The Catalans almost took the lead. Rafinha tried his luck from a distance and kicked a great shot at half height, the ball splashed powerfully into Alex Ramiro’s crossbar
Ilkay Gundogan vs. John Pacheco (Reuters)Ilkay Gundogan vs. John Pacheco (Reuters)
  • ’31
  • acidification
  • Robert Lewandowski got up and shot from a distance, but the ball came weakly to the goal of Alex Ramiro who caught it lightly
  • ’26
  • acidification
  • First dangerous situation for Blaugrana. Lamin Yamal broke into the box in a spectacular personal move, but was stopped at the last moment by the guest’s defense
Rafinha (Reuters)Rafinha (Reuters)
  • ’23
  • Judge's decision
  • Sraldo Becker is hot, the striker received a wonderful deep ball, raced to the goal and beat Ter Stegen with a great finish. Unfortunately, the referee Shrek Lenbadel was justified and disallowed the goal
  • ’20
  • acidification
  • Huge state of the Basques. Once again, Raldo Becker broke through, but was stopped one on one against the excellent Ter Stegen
  • ’5
  • acidification
  • The guests’ first threat. Sraldo Becker kicked hard from close range, but the ball went high over Ter Stegen’s goal
Immanuel Algosil and Xavi (Reuters)Immanuel Algosil and Xavi (Reuters)
Immanol Alguacil (Reuters)Immanol Alguacil (Reuters)
Xavi and his brother Oscar Hernandez (Reuters)Xavi and his brother Oscar Hernandez (Reuters)
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • Judge Guillermo Cuadra kicked off the match!

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