Hanan Yablonka: The abductee’s body was recovered, the family received the news from the networks

The IDF announced today (Friday) that it had located the bodies of three abductees in the Gaza Strip – Orion Hernandez Rado, Hanan Yablonka and Michel Nissenbaum. IDF soldiers located and brought to Israeli territory the bodies of the three abductees who were murdered in the “Death Bend” on Route 232 near Mefalim in the morning The seventh of October.

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Hanan Yablonka, 42 years old, a father of two from Tel Aviv, went out to hang out at a Nova party with four of his friends and was kidnapped from Highway 232. His four friends, including the late soccer player Lior Assulin, were murdered. Hanan’s car was found near Kibbutz Meflisim, with the body of one of the friends inside, and the bodies of the other three nearby For almost three months, it was not clear what happened to Jablonka, and on January 4, the IDF spokesman announced that Jablonka was classified as abducted.

According to the data provided to the family, he was murdered already on the seventh of October and his body was brought to Gaza and found in Jabaliya. The family received the difficult news through messages from close associates that circulated on the networks even before the IDF informed them. Hanan left two sisters Orit and Avivit, two parents Reuven Ward and two children. Yarin and Emily, his ex-wife and the mother of his children received the news while on vacation in Greece and trying to find a return flight for the funeral she will hold This Sunday.

Reuven Yablonka, Hanan’s father, said in an interview on Channel 12 that before the IDF informed him about him, he received hundreds of messages on the networks: “At seven in the morning, I received more than 300 messages. Write to me ‘Yavlonka is it true? Right? Right?’. I called my daughter, she told me that she didn’t want to tell me but that messages were being sent on Telegram that Hanan had been murdered. When the IDF called at 08:30 if it was possible to come to us, we realized that everything was true.”

Orit Yablockana his sister said: “We are hurt and broken, from the tragic and bitter end, but after 231 days of uncertainty we are relieved that at least we are receiving him back for burial in the Land of Israel.” Hanan, I love you, you will always be my other half, you will always be with me everywhere, every second and every minute.”

The bodies of the three abductees were found after the Shin Bet passed an intelligence indication on a field cell in the north of the Gaza Strip where the bodies were placed. The indication was received in recent days, among other things, following the investigation of Hamas terrorists, who were captured by IDF fighters operating in the area of ​​the Jablia refugee camp.

As a reminder, the IDF spokesman announced last Friday that the military forces located and recovered the bodies of three abductees from the Gaza Strip. The bodies that were recovered are those of 22-year-old Shani Lok, 56-year-old Yitzhak Gelranter, and 28-year-old Amit Buskila. A day later, The IDF spokesman announced that another body – that of the abducted Ron Binyamin – was recovered from the Gaza Strip. During the week, the four were brought to Israel for burial, with their families and relatives paying their last respects.

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