Hapoel Rahat from League C was fined NIS 75,000

Jonathan Ginzburg
Hapoel Rahat season 2023-24 (courtesy of the club)
Hapoel Rahat season 2023-24 (courtesy of the club)

Hapoel Rahat was fined NIS 75,000 for fan outbursts. The club is shocked by the decision of the judge, attorney Israel Shimoni, at the Disciplinary Court of the Football Association. They intend to appeal. The incident took place on January 27 as part of the eighth round of League C South, in which Hapoel Rahat hosted Hapoel Bnei Kaseifa, a match that was stopped in the 67th minute after a punch. On the part of a Rehat player towards a Kaseifa player (who was taken to the hospital), which caused a great commotion in the area of ​​the field. Hapoel Kaseifa’s punishment was reduced to only 2,500 shekels.

In the court’s report, it was written about Hapoel Rahat’s punishment: “For the outbreak of 50 of its fans on the field, which amounted to a fan riot that caused the game to be stopped, I am fining the team according to Rule 22(1)(2) of the Disciplinary Regulations in the amount of NIS 75,000. Conviction on the other charges, I deduct a league point for the accused according to rule 22(k)(1) as well as suspension of activity for one year on probation for one year for any repeated responsibility for “exploding” a game.

On the punishment of Mahmoud Al Easem: “This player was sent off during the game, in an incident that is not the indictment, and his current conviction for the offense of ‘insulting a referee’ is in an incident that was not accompanied by a red card. In view of this, I am not limited to the punishment according to Rule 17(c) and I am sending him off to – 3 games (including the automatic expulsion penalty that was imposed on him when he was removed from the field earlier)”.

Hapoel Rahat in better days (courtesy of the Hapoel Rahat club)Hapoel Rahat in better days (courtesy of the Hapoel Rahat club)

On Muayid Kamala: “Even this player, who, as mentioned, had considerable responsibility for the ‘explosion of the game’, was not sent off with a red card and therefore I am not bound by the automatic punishment clauses. In view of this, taking into account the seriousness of his actions, I suspend the accused for 10 games.” Halim Alkamalat was suspended for one game.

Mahpoel Rahat told ONE: “The decision given by the disciplinary court of the Football Association is a crazy decision. A team from the Premier League did not receive such a high fine. It is disgraceful. We will appeal this decision and if they do not accept our appeal, we intend to stop all activity of the club”.

sage, The referee of the match said at the court hearing: “The players of both teams were involved in a fight, I could not separate them and this led me to blow up the match. In addition to the entrance of Rahat’s fans. I know these are Rahat fans because they attacked my players as a sword. The fight started with a punch from a Rahat player, meaning Rahat started the fight.”

A player without bone shields.  Illustration (Jonathan Ginzburg)A player without bone shields. Illustration (Jonathan Ginzburg)

Evaporated Kamala He said in the discussion: “A player of Kasiyfa spat in my face and cursed me: ‘Son of a bitch, I’m going to fuck your mother,’ and then I pushed. I didn’t punch him. There were many others. The whole incident from the beginning is not with me at all.”

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