High prices.. The price of gold today in Egypt, Saturday, May 18, 2024, in Egyptian goldsmiths’ stores, and 21 karat gold is more than 45 pounds.

Gold prices today, Saturday, May 18, 2024, in Egypt witnessed a new rise at the beginning of trading today, as it recorded The price of a gram of gold yesterday An increase of 45 pounds at the end of yesterday’s trading, Friday, due to the rise in the global price of gold, which affected the local gold market in Egypt, as this increase is part of an ongoing pattern that reflects global and local changes in gold prices.

Today’s gold price is 21 karat now

With the increasing demand for gold as a safe haven, 21 karat remains the most widely traded among Egyptians. Today, the price of 21 carat gold has witnessed a significant increase, which enhances its investment value in the Egyptian market.

The price of a gram of 21 carat gold today in goldsmiths’ stores was 3180 pounds for sale3160 pounds for purchase, which puts this caliber at the forefront of the interest of investors and consumers, as 21 caliber is the most popular among Egyptians.

Gold prices today in Egypt

Today, gold prices in Egypt witnessed an increase in all different karats, with 24 karat recording approximately 3634.25 Pounds per gram for sale and3611.5 pounds For purchase, while 18 carat was about 2725.75 Pounds for sale and2708.5 pounds to purchaseAs for 14 carat, it achieved a price 2120 Pounds per gram in case of sale2106.75 pounds to purchase.

The price of the gold pound

The price of a pound of 21 karat gold today in goldsmiths’ shops reached 25,320 pounds, while the price of a pound of 24 karat gold was about 28,936 pounds, as the gold pound weighs 8 grams. These prices are considered without adding any workmanship, tax, or stamp.

Gold bullion prices today

Many banks provide gold bullion trading and investment services, and today’s gold bullion prices in Egypt are as follows:

  • Gold bar weighing 2.5 grams: 9042 pounds.
  • Gold bar weighing 5 grams: 18,085 pounds.
  • Gold bar, weight per ounce (31.1 grams): 112,488 pounds.

These prices are for the value of raw gold in the bullion, with a purity of up to 99.9%, without added manufacturing, added value or stamping.

Today’s gold prices in Egypt are 21 karat, according to workmanship

Today’s 21-karat gold prices in Egypt are calculated by workmanship based on the manufacturing cost and other additives such as the manufacturer, which increases the final price paid by the buyer.

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