How did the police not knock on the door of Miri Regev’s house? | Review by Mickey Levin

Drucker’s shocking investigation of Miri Regev opened with the sentence of the former head of her bureau: “It is important that the people of Israel know who was the government that led it, who was the prime minister and who was the minister of transportation.” Drucker exposed us to a chilling document that actually lists the Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev, in the list of politicians most affected by corruption, breach of trust and bribery, surrounding the Prime Minister.

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I do not intend to repeat all the details of the document that the viewers saw anyway, and many of whom I am sure were even shocked by its content, if not worse than that, they simply wanted to vomit.
What escapes my understanding is, how after evidentiary testimony presented by the former head of the office of the Minister of Transportation, and solid evidence presented in the article that actually constitute a serious indictment against the minister for corruption and crimes of bribery and breach of trust, the police have not yet knocked on her door and summoned her for a criminal investigation? And if she is still serving as Minister of Transportation, then this is proof that we are not a country of law, and have long been not a democratic country, and there is no enforcement and no independent judicial authority, and all justifications must be put aside to judge us and our leaders because he does not trust the Israeli justice system.

Ask, why should the transport minister be charged with bribery, according to that investigation? very simple. As soon as a minister in Israel, according to the testimony of the former head of her office, prioritizes the heads of authorities and key figures, and gives them the office services they need, such as building a road, traffic light, bridge or fence, in exchange for their support for her and her advancement in the party, and in exchange for helping her in the primaries, then this is bribery For all purposes.

Did Raviv Drucker’s investigation, which reveals Regev’s true face as someone motivated solely by political motives, reveal America to us? of course not. Countless articles have long reported on political appointments of her associates, appointments of unprofessional people who are not worthy and unfit for the position. Or on the contrary, dismissal of worthy and professional people. However, when the former head of her bureau, who worked alongside her and knew her well, is ready with a frank face in front of the camera to reveal her working method, which prioritizes settlements or individuals, according to the degree of their support for her and the Likud, here you have quite an earthquake, which requires an immediate police investigation.

Miri Regev (Photo: Yonatan Shaul, Flash 90)
Miri Regev (Photo: Yonatan Shaul, Flash 90)

The response of the Minister of Transportation was not long in coming. All lies according to her. Learned from Mrs. Prime Minister that, coincidentally, he also denied yesterday that he did not receive letters from the security forces that warned of an impending disaster. And when it comes to several security officials who claim to have been alerted, in front of one person who denies it, does anyone have a doubt as to who to believe?

And back to you, our lady minister, how can you deny when the testimony of the former head of your office is backed up by documents, recordings and text messages? Is there anything more transparent than that? So who are you working for, other than yourself? And if you once declared that it was time to have an Eastern prime minister in Israel, more or less, but after such an investigation, it seems that the chances are zero. How can we believe you, and even after that incident with a Shin Bet man who tried to delay you and you asked your driver to “drive, drive, drive” without considering the danger of running over people that might occur, and that incident you completely changed his narrative in order to get out of it clean.

Alongside the solid evidence of extremely serious criminal offenses brought by Drucker last night in the investigation of the source on Miri Regev, it is impossible to ignore an equally important shocking revelation against the journalist Amit Segal, who was revealed once and for all in his hiding place as the court reporter of the Likud, who joins the sect of Miri Regev’s flatterers and swindlers. And so he wrote to Sarah, “The matter will be dealt with, the most serious thing here is that a security guard shoved Sarah in Israel, this is not a case of trampling by all accounts, pictures that I don’t remember like in relation to a minister in the government.”

Raviv Drucker (Photo: Yonatan Zindel Flash 90)
Raviv Drucker (Photo: Yonatan Zindel Flash 90)

Is this really what is serious here, colleague Segal? Isn’t Sarah calling her driver to run over security guards? How deep is your tongue, Mr. Amit Segal, to the point that you are willing to lash out at your readers, and sell them a false and misleading narrative that serves your agenda and hers? “The discourse now is that Amit turned the story, on the Shin Bet’s head,” the minister’s advisers wrote.

Shame on you, Amit Segal, to blame an important organization like the Shin Bet, just to clear the blame from Regev? You became part of the chain of failure with your unprofessional journalistic behavior and your credibility went down the drain last night.

I will not address the insults and derogatory epithets that Miri Regev gave to various members of the media, as published in “Takhkir”, because I do not have high expectations from her in the field of respectable and proper rhetoric, but I am eagerly awaiting Yanon Magal’s reply, which even he, who serves as the Likud’s court reporter, has hijacked She lowered her arm when she called him a piece of maniac who flew on himself.

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