In conjunction with the “Freedom Shield”… the North Korean leader supervises artillery maneuvers

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised large-scale artillery maneuvers, state media reported Friday.

This comes at a time when the United States and South Korea are conducting joint exercises.

Increase combat readiness

The Korean Central News Agency said: “The live-fire exercises that took place on Thursday aim to raise combat readiness and the ability to wage a real war.”

She added that border units participated in the maneuvers “and put the enemy’s capital within reach.”

The agency noted that these exercises took place the day after the visit Kim Jong Un For a training base located in the west of the country, he “expressed his great satisfaction” at seeing the units “fully ready for mobilization with the aim of engaging in battles.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was shown inspecting a major military training base carrying a rifle, as he urged his military to… Intensify his training.

Washington and Seoul will pay a “heavy price”

Pyongyang threatened Seoul and Washington on Tuesday that they would pay a “heavy price” for their joint military exercises known as “Freedom Shield.”

North Korea considers this to be… Joint military maneuvers Between the United States and South Korea it serves as a rehearsal for an invasion of its territory, and it has conducted military missile tests in the past in response.

For its part, the South Korean army confirmed that the North conducted live ammunition artillery maneuvers that included rocket launchers and missiles in the coastal city of Nampho, west of North Korea, towards the Yellow Sea.

“Our military is closely monitoring signs of provocation emanating from North Korea… while maintaining a firm joint defense posture and conducting joint exercises,” Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

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