In the 100th minute: Hungary beat Scotland 0:1

The outstanding actor

Kevin Chesovot, score: 8
The striker was recalled from the bench and made the difference in Hungary, including the dramatic winning goal in the 100th minute

The disappointing player

Andrew Robertson, score: 4
The Scots star was not felt in the game and did not deliver the goods

The closing round of the group stage of the Euros opened this evening (Sunday) with a fascinating meeting between the holders of Group A, Hungary and Scotland, when at the end of 90 minutes, the Hungarians kept the dream of the round of 16 alive thanks to a particularly sweet and dramatic 0:1, which sent the Scots home.

The match started calmly, with the British team dictating the pace and controlling the ball, but failed to get any dangerous opportunities in front of Petar Golaci’s goal, when it was the Hungarians who threatened the goal with long-range kicks, but to no purpose.

In the second half, the pace was maintained, when the event that shook the match was the serious injury of Barnabas Varda, the Hungarian striker, who ran into Angus Gunn during a ball that was lifted into the box. The striker received medical treatment for several minutes on the grass, after which he was taken to the hospital.

In the final minutes, both teams realized that they deserved the victory, and began to push forward. Attacks by the Scots were halted by Petar Golaci, while on the other hand the Hungarians sat on Angus Gunn’s box with misses by Dominik Sovoslai and Kevin Chesovot. The pressure paid off and ten minutes into added time, Czesovot, who came off the bench, gave the Hungarians a valuable victory with a goal from outside the box after a great finish by Roland Salai, a victory that keeps the picture of the last eight alive.

The Scots now finished the tournament in Germany with only one point and missed a historic opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages, the Hungarians, on the other hand, will wait for the rest of the results this week and hope for the stumbles of Slovenia, Albania and the Czech Republic, hoping to be one of the four teams that qualify from third place.

second half

Dominic Soboslai comforts Andrew Robertson (Reuters)Dominic Soboslai comforts Andrew Robertson (Reuters)
  • ’90+11
  • Judge's decision
  • The final whistle at the Stuttgart Arena! A dramatic victory for Hungary that leaves it in the round of 16 picture
Hungary's players are crazy (Reuters)Hungary’s players are crazy (Reuters)
Hungary in a frenzy (Reuters)Hungary in a frenzy (Reuters)
Kevin Chasovot celebrates (Reuters)Kevin Chasovot celebrates (Reuters)
  • ’90+10
  • Gate
  • Gate! Hungary went up to a dramatic 0:1! Roland Salai put in a wonderful cross to the substitute Kevin Chesovat, who was close enough to give Hungary the dramatic victory and the chance for the round of 16!
Kevin Chasovot in a fight with Lawrence Shankland (Reuters)Kevin Chasovot in a fight with Lawrence Shankland (Reuters)
  • ’90+2
  • acidification
  • The Hungarians are approaching the goal! Kevin Chasovot unleashed a tremendous kick from outside the box, but unfortunately it was stopped by the post
  • ’90+1
  • acidification
  • A great opportunity for Dominik Soboslai who received a wonderful ball inside the box, kicked straight into Gunn’s hands
Dominic Soboslai (Reuters)Dominic Soboslai (Reuters)
  • ’89
  • spare
  • Lewis Morgan replaced Andrew Robertson
  • ’86
  • spare
  • Milos Karkaz gave way to Zholt Nagy
  • ’86
  • spare
  • Bandgoz Bola is out, Kevin Chesovot is in
Scotland fans (Reuters)Scotland fans (Reuters)
  • ’83
  • spare
  • Anthony Rolston is out, Kenny McLean is in his place
  • ’83
  • spare
  • Another double substitution in Scotland: Billy Gilmour replaced Ryan Christie
Scotland coach Steve Clarke (Reuters)Scotland coach Steve Clarke (Reuters)
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Che Adams is out, Lawrence Shankland is in
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Scotland: John McGinn replaced Stuart Armstrong
Hungary coach Marco Rossi (Reuters)Hungary coach Marco Rossi (Reuters)
  • ’74
  • spare
  • Attila Salai replaced Merton Dardi
  • ’74
  • spare
  • Martin Adam replaced Barnabas Varga
The medical treatment in Barnabas Varga (Reuters)The medical treatment in Barnabas Varga (Reuters)
The medical treatment in Barnabas Varga (Reuters)The medical treatment in Barnabas Varga (Reuters)
  • ’68
  • injury
  • Angus Gunn went for a high ball that was lifted into the area and ran into Barnabas Varga, who appeared to be suffering from a severe blow to the head. After long minutes of treatment, the actor leaves
Andre Butka and Che Adams in the fight (Reuters)Andre Butka and Che Adams in the fight (Reuters)
  • ’64
  • acidification
  • Another Hungarian goal attempt: the ball was lifted into the box, Marton Dardi did not get into the ball well and hit it outside the frame
  • ’61
  • spare
  • First substitution of the game: Calum Stiles made way for Adam Nagy
Andrew Robertson in a fight with Dominic Soboslai (Reuters)Andrew Robertson in a fight with Dominic Soboslai (Reuters)
  • ’50
  • yellow card
  • Scott McTominay has seen the yellow card, and if Scotland go on to the eighth, he will miss the game!

first half

The Hungarian audience (Reuters)The Hungarian audience (Reuters)
  • ’45+1
  • acidification
  • Dominik Soboslai with another Hungarian attempt outside the box, again the ball did not find the frame
  • ’44
  • yellow card
  • Anders Schaefer also saw the yellow card
Willy Urban's shot on the crossbar (Reuters)Willy Urban’s shot on the crossbar (Reuters)
  • ’41
  • acidification
  • A great opportunity for the Hungarians: Dominik Soboslai put a wonderful beach ball into the box, Willy Urban had a good shot, but unfortunately the ball hit the crossbar and splashed out
Peter Golaci (Reuters)Peter Golaci (Reuters)
  • ’35
  • acidification
  • After long minutes without a threat on the goal, Roland Salai unleashed a strong kick outside the area, but unfortunately the ball went over the goal
  • ’26
  • yellow card
  • Willy Urban also entered the judge’s register
Billy Gilmour in a fight with Barnabas Varga (Reuters)Billy Gilmour in a fight with Barnabas Varga (Reuters)
  • ’18
  • yellow card
  • Calum Stiles is the first yellow of the evening
Che Adams among the Hungarian players (Reuters)Che Adams among the Hungarian players (Reuters)
  • ’8
  • acidification
  • First chance in the game! Barnabas Varga tried his luck with a powerful shot from distance, but Angus Gunn reacted well to push the ball away
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The opening whistle at the Stuttgart Arena! Fakondo Teyo started the match
Hungarian players warming up (Reuters)Hungarian players warming up (Reuters)
Scotland players warming up (Reuters)Scotland players warming up (Reuters)

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