In the video – Mohamed Shaheen’s anger at Ramez Jalal and Mohamed Lotfy reveals the reason for his anger at him

Both artists Mohamed Shaheen and Mohamed Lotfy fell victim to Ramez Jalal’s prank in yesterday’s (Thursday) episode of the “Ramez Gap from the Other” program, which he presents throughout the month of Ramadan on MBC Egypt.

At the beginning of the episode, Ramez mocked Mohamed Lotfy and Mohamed Shaheen, saying: “The episode of Al-Tar Al-Bit, a quarrel that went on for years, and everyone witnessed it. It started with joking and ended seriously. It started with a new face starting its way, love making comedy in it, but collided with an artist in the body of Hulagu, and it began.” The quarrel between them, today we are dating the two who have been at loggerheads for years, Ghatt and Qafoush, who have an enmity that cannot be erased by the years… Muhammad Lotfy and Muhammad Shaheen.”

Mohamed Shaheen talked about the reason for his not getting married, saying: “I don’t want to get married because no woman can tolerate me,” and Ramez joked: “Why do you snore or what?”

The episode witnessed Mohamed Shaheen’s anger at Ramez Jalal, after the latter threw a “lizard” at him, and Mohamed Shaheen shouted, saying: “No, Ramez, I have a phobia.”

While Mohamed Lotfy revealed the reason for his disagreement with Mohamed Shaheen, he said: “I was at the beginning of the marriage, and I gained weight and became a little fat, and Shaheen told me at the time to close the shirt because of the grease. He made me feel that she was not a male judge, and I was annoyed with her at the time, but he is my little brother.”

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