Incessant firing in the north: heavy barrage towards Majdal Shams; Home Front Command: The restriction on gatherings in areas defined as green will be lifted – with the exception of Ashkelon and Nitov

The 156th day of the war: Alarms in the Upper Galilee. The IDF announced today (Sunday) the killing of the terrorist who killed the late Major (Res.) Amisher Ben David who fell in the south of the Gaza Strip last Friday. In addition, more than 30 terrorists were killed in the last day. First ship with equipment for the construction of the pier The temporary in Gaza came out of the US Army base in Virginia.

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19:25: Reuters report: Egypt was in contact with senior officials in Israel and Hamas, as well as with the other mediators, with the aim of renewing negotiations for a ceasefire during the month of Ramadan that would lead to a hostage deal. According to two Egyptian security officials, the purpose of Egypt’s contacts with Hamas and the Mossad today is to reduce the gaps between Both sides. They did not provide further details.

18:40: The terrorist organization Hezbollah took responsibility for shooting at dozens, which it claims was carried out at 16:55 at a military post in the Golan. This is the 11th taking responsibility of the organization since this morning.

An Iron Dome interceptor over Hermon, Photo: AFP

18:15: The Home Front Command announced a change in the defense policy in the areas defined as green throughout the country, under which “the restriction on gatherings in the areas under the green policy will be removed, with the exception of the cities of Ashkelon and Netivot, where a limit of 15,000 people remains.”

18:06: A report in “Al Manar” about an airstrike against the villages of al-Habriya and Rashaya al-Fakhar in southern Lebanon.

Smoke from an attack near the Sheba farm, Photo: AFP

17:54: Defense Minister Yoav Galant sailed today with navy forces to the shores of Gaza, in order to examine the works planned for the opening of the maritime humanitarian aid axis. The minister said on board that “the aid will be transferred directly to the residents and thus the process will continue in the overthrow of Hamas rule in Gaza. We will transfer the aid through a sea route coordinated with the US on the security and humanitarian side, and with the assistance of the Emirates on the civilian side – as well as an appropriate inspection in Cyprus.”

gallant, Photography: Elad Malka

17:42: The “Sky News” channel in Arabic reported that a ship carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip left the port of Larnaca in Cyprus. According to the report, the ship is expected to anchor in the Al-Bidar area in the south of Gaza City.

17:20: In the last launch to the north: about 30 launches to the Hermon area. (Idan Avni)

16:55: A very heavy barrage: dozens of rockets were launched at Majdal Shams. (Idan Avni)

Watch the documentation: Dozens of launches to Shams Tower

16:49: The Lebanese “Al-Mayadeen” network, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, reported artillery strikes in the area of ​​the Druze village of Hatzabia in southern Lebanon.

16:40: Alarms were activated in Majdal Shams. (Idan Avni)

16:20: Permission to publish: Maj. Col. (Res.) Michael Gal, 29 years old from Jerusalem, a fighter in the auxiliary company of the 450th Battalion, Bislam’h Brigade (828), was killed in battle in the southern Gaza Strip. For the full information

It was allowed to be published: Sergeant Major Gal Michael was killed in the battles in the Gaza Strip, Photo: The use is made according to Section 27A of the Copyright Law

16:15: Reuters report: The United States and Jordan have airdropped another 11,500 food rations to the northern Gaza Strip, the US Army’s Central Command announced. According to the command’s announcement, the drop included rice, flour, pasta and canned food. According to information from the Pentagon, the US dropped about 135,000 food parcels into the Gaza Strip in the last month.

16:13: Ten launches were detected towards Mount Dov and Hermon. The IDF responds with artillery towards the source of the fire. (Idan Avni)

Launches towards Mount Dov – the IDF responds with artillery // The use is made according to Section 27 A of the Copyright Law

16:00: Equipment surfaces from the belly of the plane and transportation to the front line: the IDF is practicing supplies under fire – as part of the preparations for the maneuver in the north for the maneuvering forces in Lebanon, a model of logistical satisfaction from the air and the land is taking place. In the model, the forces train on the transfer of water, fuel and emergency ammunition. (lilac trail) For the full information

As part of the preparations for the maneuver in the north: the IDF practices multi-armed supply under fire, Photo: IDF spokesman

15:57: Observers in the 210 Division identified a terrorist squad armed with an anti-tank launcher in the Sheba area in southern Lebanon and directed Air Force fighter jets and another aircraft that attacked the squad in the area before it was able to launch. (lilac trail)

The IDF attacked a squad of armed terrorists with an anti-tank launcher in southern Lebanon // IDF Spokesman

14:04: Palestinian report: Three killed and nine wounded in an attack on a house in Nusirat in the center of the Gaza Strip.

13:15: Four terrorists who participated in the massacre on the seventh of October were eliminated in Khan Yunis for the complete information

IDF soldiers operate in the Khan Yunis area, Photo: IDF spokesman

12:03: Further to the fear of aircraft intrusion – these are false alarms.

11:55: Additional warnings in the Galilee region for fear of hostile aircraft infiltration.

11:47: Alerts of hostile aircraft infiltration in the Upper Galilee: Beit Hillel, Kfar Giladi, Kfar Yuval, Metula, Menara, Ma’ayan Baruch, Margaliot, Meshgav Am, Kiryat Shmona, Tel Hai, Dafna, Gosher, Ajar, Kibbutz Dan, Shaar Yeshoov, Shinir.

UAV remains in Kibbutz Malkia, Photo: The use is made according to Section 27A of the Copyright Law

11:32: The remains of an unmanned aerial vehicle were discovered in Kibbutz Malkia. There were no casualties and no damage was caused.

11:20: Three wanted persons were arrested in the activities of the IDF Shin Bet and the Special Forces in the villages of Silat a Dahar and Pendakumia in the Samaria Division, in the area of ​​the attack where a terrorist detonated an explosive device last Friday.

IDF, Shin Bet and MGB fighters operate in the villages of Silat A Dahar and Pandakumia in the Samaria Brigade // IDF Spokesman

11:05: The Turkish Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 33 suspects with ties to Daesh who were accused of planning terrorist attacks before the local elections to be held at the end of March.

11:01: The Ministry of Health in Hamas-controlled Gaza reports 31,045 Palestinian deaths, which have been counted in the Strip since the beginning of the war, and more than 72,000 wounded to varying degrees.

10:38: In Lebanon, in the last hour, there have been reports of a drone attack on the outskirts of the village of al-Habriya, and of artillery shelling towards the area of ​​the village of Kunin, in the south of the country.

Israeli attacks in Lebanon, today, Photography: None

10:01: The IDF attacked terrorist infrastructures of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Eyta al-Sha’ab area, among them, the organization’s anti-tank launch site in the Maron al-Ras area and a military structure housing the organization’s operatives in the Khirbat Salem area.

09:50: About 35 launches were detected from the direction of Lebanon in barrages towards the Upper Galilee. Some were intercepted and some fell in open areas. The IDF attacks with artillery.

09:12: Alarms in the Upper Galilee: Miron, Marom Galilee Regional Center, Sasupa – Kfar Hoshan, Or Haganuz, Bar’am, Jesh – Gush Halab, Kerem Ben Zamra, Zebon, Bar Yohai.

09:11: Fighters of the Agoz unit directed an aircraft that killed the terrorist who killed the late Major (res.) Amisher Ben David in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip. During the last day, more than 30 terrorists were killed in the Strip. For the full information

The American landing party is about to leave the shores of the Gaza Strip, Photo: US Army Central Command

07:40: The first ship with engineering equipment for the construction of the pier in Gaza left the US military base in Virginia, less than 36 hours after President Biden announced that the US would provide humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea. For the full story

07:01: Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on the Meet the Press program on the NBC network responds to the criticism of President Biden’s speech: “I do not accept Biden’s words. The problem is not a lack of food in Gaza, but that Hamas steals the food that comes in, sells it on the black market, and thus the food does not reach the needy.’ For the full information

Bennett responds to Biden’s words: “Hamas steals the food that comes in,” Photography: Yoav Dudkevich

23:10: In Lebanon, five people are reported dead in an attack in Khirbet Salem in southern Medina.

22:02: Media in Lebanon reported an attack on a house in the town of Harbat Salem in the south of the country. According to the report, injured people were rescued from the scene.

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