Information about the ostrich “Ramez Jab from Al-Akhir” is not tame, and this is how dangerous it is

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Monday, March 11, 2024

Written by: Shaima Morsi

After the first episode of “Ramez Jab Min Al Akhir,” the famous Ramadan prank show broadcast on MBC Egypt, Naama appeared in the episode of the artist Bassem Samra and Ahmed El Sakka.

During the episode, Ramez Galal warned the artist Ahmed El Sakka and Bassem Samra not to approach the ostrich.

In this regard, we will review for you information about the ostrich, and does it pose a danger to humans or not? According to what was revealed by Dr. Sharaf El-Din Faisal, former member of the General Syndicate of Veterinarians.

Sharaf said: “The ostrich is a wild bird, not domesticated, and very aggressive, especially the males.”

He continued: “One kick of the male ostrich’s leg with force can reach more than 200 kilometers.”

A member of the General Syndicate Council added: “An ostrich kick, especially in the head or abdomen area, leads to serious injuries, which may lead to death.”

Sharaf El-Din pointed out: “Raising a hand or pointing at an ostrich is a direct threatening message that could lead to this bird attacking a person.”

He explained: “To avoid any attack, you must move away from the confrontation or take the right or left side of the ostrich to escape the kick.”

Faisal continued: “The only solution to confront the ostrich is to move away at a sufficient distance and use anything such as a stick and hit the bird’s neck and wings. In this case, it will move away, or lie down on the ground and sleep on the stomach, place the hands on the head, and pretend to be dead and not moving, and this will make it withdraw immediately.”

The doctor concluded: “You should avoid dealing with ostriches completely, because they are not pets.”

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