Information for potential Quarter Final sale

Ahead of a potential Quarter Final ticket sale for a match against Switzerland to 2022-2024 England Supporters Travel Club members, we wanted to outline as much of the process as possible to help people plan.

It is important to note, that for each knockout stage match England play in, sales will take place over a very short period of time, due to the nature of how these games will be sold, via UEFA’s website.

The game will be played on Saturday 6 July in Dusseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena, Kick off 5om (UK time).

Please note that the below information on sales is subject to change. 

If England progress to the Quarter Final, there is a chance the final allocation we receive could differ, by several hundred tickets, from the initial allocations we were given. UEFA are unable to confirm the exact allocation and category splits ahead of time as this will depend on:

1) If we are Team A or Team B (from a ticketing point of view this can be different to being home/away team in this tournament)
2) Which stadium we are playing in
3) Who our opponent is
4) The size of the stadium buffer zones

With this in mind, and in order to allow as many members as possible the chance to book their travel, we initially conducted a ballot for the top 70% for each KO stage match, however, we were unable to confirm which category they would be in.

The remaining 30% of tickets would be balloted to the remaining members who applied for said match via the tournament ballot rules.
Unfortunately, due to the sale of KO stage tickets via UEFA’s website being sold on a match-by-match basis, this will mean tight turnarounds and short sale windows for each knock-out stage fixture England progresses to.

What to expect for Quarter Final sale

We anticipate being given the information on the final allocation and category splits the evening of our match against Slovakia.

With this in mind, we expect the sale to take place on Tuesday 2 July. 

We anticipate being able to send every member, who initially registered their interest and was in the Top 70%, and then those who become successful in the 20/10% ballot, an access code on Monday evening.  This access code will become active during a designated Sale Window (see below). 

The Sale Window you are in will be dictated by the number of tickets in each category and the number of caps you had in the initial ballot.

The caps total you were on when the initial ballot took place will be outlined to you in the ballot result email.

Wheelchair and Easy Access/Accessible Members:

We had our Wheelchair and Easy Access/Accessible minimum allocations for all knockout stages confirmed to us before we announced the ballot results.  Any member who registered in either of these categories will be able to see their ballot result by re-checking the email.

This email was sent on Tuesday 12 December 2023 with the subject ‘UEFA Euro 2024 Germany Ballot Results’.

Therefore, if you were successful, you will receive an access code for any potential sale at the same time as everyone.

At present, we do not expect to receive any additional tickets in these categories but we will endeavour to obtain more to meet the demand.

Sale Windows will be as follows on Tuesday 2 July

– Information stated in UK Time
-The same ballot rules will apply as they did for the group stages
– Information subject to change

Top 70%:

Sale Window 1: 7am until 10.30am (guaranteed any category)

Sale Window 2: 11am until 1.30pm (guaranteed Category 3)

Sale Window 3: 2pm until 4.30pm (guaranteed Category 2)

30% Ballot (made up of the 20% and 10% ballot rule):

Sale Window 4: 5pm until 7.30pm (Category first-come-first-serve from what is remaining unsold)

Once your access code is active, you will be able to access the sale until it is sold out.

All members entered into Sale Windows 1,2,3 and 4 will be guaranteed a ticket.  If you miss your Sale Window, your preferred category may no longer be available.

If you have a friend or family member who is successful in a separate Sale Window, but want to ensure you secure your preferred category, we would advise buying your ticket as soon as possible.  If they end up obtaining a ticket in the same category as you, you will then be able to link orders via UEFA’s website.  However please bear in mind this does not guarantee you will be sat together.

All remaining 2022-2024 ESTC members who were unsuccessful or did not register:

Sale Window 5: 8pm until 8.30am the following day or sold out (ticket not guaranteed). 

Sale Window 6 has been merged with Sale Window 5 for this fixtures based on the sale data from the previous match and time constraints.

You will only be able to access Sale Windows 5 if you were a 2022-2024 ESTC member.

We understand that these sale windows will be short and would suggest that if you are unable to be online within the above stated timelines, that you ask a member of your travelling group, or a family member, to log in and purchase on your behalf.

They would need to log in using your details.  They will also need your access code.

We would strongly suggest re-familiarising yourselves with the sale guidance before any potential KO stage sale to avoid making an error or putting your order in jeopardy.  You can review this information here

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