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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Samsung Electronics held a variety of events related to this year’s slogan, #InspireInclusion.The Device Experience (DX) Division ran a photo campaign that encouraged employees to take pictures together while making hearts with their hands — the official gesture symbolizing International Women’s Day. The event was a success, with pictures to prove it. “I’m glad to have taken part in such a fun and meaningful event,” said Seok-Nyoung Cha from the MX Division. “I hope we can all think deeply and act together to fight biases, stereotypes and discrimination.”

More than 700 employees took time to thank the female colleagues and family members in their life at another event. At the DX Division’s Female Executives’ workshop, hosted since 2021, female executives held candid conversations with the CEO to discuss the company’s vision and ways to foster female leaders. Additionally, a mentoring program for female developers will be launched this year.

▲ Employees hold up heart hands — the official International Women’s Day gesture — in front of a photo wall set up by the DX Division.

Starting this March, the Device Solutions (DS) Division will organize monthly activities to build awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) values among its employees. After selecting DEI topics centered on women, people with disabilities, caregivers and foreigners, the division will hold contests and training sessions each month that give employees a chance to learn how to show support for one another. Furthermore, the division will conduct interviews with female leaders in celebration of International Women’s Month and relay their thoughts on female leadership and how younger women can grow in their careers.

Outside of Korea, the company will partner with Dress For Success (DFS)1 in three countries — the U.S., Canada and Mexico — to organize clothing donation drives to help women get jobs and gain financial independence. Webinars and seminars that raise awareness about DEI will be held as well.

Last November, the DX division established the DEI office to reflect DEI values in all areas of the business, identify areas of improvement and further promote an inclusive corporate culture. To this end, the office checks the company’s systems and culture for discriminatory practices and holds training sessions and campaigns to give employees an accurate understanding of these values. In addition, the office supports voluntary Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) dedicated to DEI that facilitate discussions on the company’s diversity status and improvement goals through the DEI Council, in which the company’s executives take part. “It is of the utmost importance to operate a diverse and equitable system. We believe that innovative products and services can emerge from a culture where DEI is respected,” said Jinhee Nam, Secretary General of the DEI Office at Samsung Electronics. “Our office established a global DEI policy and plans to operate various programs to increase diversity and create an inclusive organizational culture.”

Jong-Hee Han, Vice Chairman and CEO of the DX Division at Samsung Electronics, and Kye Hyun Kyung, President and CEO of the DS Division at Samsung Electronics, delivered a company-wide message to employees calling for gender equality and highlighting the importance of DEI in honor of International Women’s Day. “I would like to express my gratitude to all the female employees in the DS Division who are doing their best,” said Kyung. “We will help all employees realize their full potential to achieve both personal and professional growth at Samsung,” Han assured.

1 Founded in New York City in 1997 to help unemployed and underemployed women achieve economic independence.

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