International Women’s Day is Truly International /

It’s a happy day! There is an open friendliness and warmth today, the world over, as all people, men and women alike, wish the women around them a happy International Women’s Day.

On 8th March each year, we take some time to reflect on the progress made in the struggle for equality, recognising progress and achievement, taking stock of the contributions of women in communities across all continents.

The welcome at Podgorica Airport, Montenegro

Today, as junior athletes arrive in Podgorica, Montenegro, there is a welcoming committee giving rises to every woman who passes the arrivals gate. Young and old, of every race and religion, each woman is greeted with a smile and a flower.

British juniors arriving in Montenegro for the European Junior Cup

Podgorica is the host town for the latest European Junior Cup on the-21 world tour. In an already beautiful setting, there is the welcome and other activities to celebrate women. Thank you Montenegro for being part of the movement to ensure that the best contributions of women can be included in the drive for a better world.

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