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Those who follow the sequence of dramatic global events over the past two years will find that they are escalating dangerously, to the point that they can be seen condensing in the skies of 2024-2025, almost infecting everyone and pouring lava over their heads, making us expect that we may be on the verge of new global catastrophes in light of a turbulent international system that contains more fluid elements. With many components of stability, which makes us not expect the world to take safe paths or move towards saving destinations, and it cannot, of course, exist without new regional conditions based on justice and freedom of peoples.

Demolish the temple

This is because a quick look at the majority of leaders who control fundamental decisions and vital decision centers reveals that they lack a great deal of maturity, as well as humanity! This predisposes them to the scenario of demolishing the temple on behalf of those in it, especially if we are watching Trump’s relentless steps towards the White House, where we find ourselves facing a fading international order, and an alternative international order that is distancing itself or has barely crystallized yet, which makes the world enter long stages of chaos and lack of stability. Stability naturally pours its heat on the sub-regional systems, including our region.

The American global strategy – which has accustomed us to standing the world on the brink of an abyss and which always relies on spreading chaos in different regions of the world in order to seize the reins of the international system – is today planning strategic chaos that will enable it to continue hegemony for another century.

But careful observation confirms that its plan today for chaos is at risk of failure, unlike its previous plans, especially in light of the retreat of its plan in Ukraine, and its direct casualties in Palestine, despite the complicity of important countries in the region, in light of the high probability of the failure of its escalation operations towards China, especially in Taiwan. The result is a strategic distraction that affects American unilateralism and inflicts concussive shocks on the world – political and economic – because American unilateralism is almost adopting the theory: What comes after me is nothing but a flood!

A new strategic vision

In this context, it seems that the foreseeable and expected dramatic developments of the international system are almost a rare opportunity for the world of the marginalized and oppressed peoples of the Third World, and at the heart of it is our Arab world. Even if they come on the ruins of the international system, and perhaps its ruins, and it does not appear to be another opportunity, it has become certain that the structure of our country The contemporary world, whose borders, resources, tribes, and sphere of influence were demarcated by colonialism, is not able to develop or break out of the tight bond of dependency.

Its peoples have also begun to pay with their blood, security, and freedom the price of the continuation of the current international system, which whenever it complains of excess power! It finds no place to empty it except in our country, on our lands, and above the heads of our societies, even though it is the primary beneficiary of its wealth and resources, not least oil and other energy sources, and when it complains or seeks justice, it is subject to punishment.

In light of this, sincere and insightful people among our people must be prepared to address the state of political blockage that our Arab world is experiencing, through in-depth studies that attempt to reach the real causes of this state and the radical ways to get out of it. Because its continuation has become extremely dangerous, especially since it has begun to work with tremendous self-efforts that are destroying all factors of stability in our country, making our societies unviable, and putting everyone on the verge of suicide… We are in great need of a new strategic vision and leaders who possess strategic vision accept it!

National reconciliation

Knowing that the most important conditions for getting out of this current historical impasse have become related to national and national consensus on the foundations and rules of national construction, the existence of the Zionist project in the region, and ways to deal with it, as well as agreement on working documents that confirm the necessity of coordinating and integrating the living forces within their societies, within the framework of the priority of combating foreign influence. And all its causes, rejecting tyranny and all its manifestations, and working side by side in all political ways to build democracies that accommodate everyone and respect rights and freedoms.

If South America is today exporting its inspiring experiences in this field, it is still necessary to benefit from them, especially since we see its governments taking positions that are more important and more serious than the positions of our governments regarding our most important issues, especially in Palestine, which puts our entire region in great embarrassment, and this must be reconsidered. The important part of the world, which can be a strategic ally for our country and our issues, once the conditions of our region are reformed and our view of the world changes.

Some people think that the Arab peoples’ failure to demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza means a preoccupation or aversion to it, while the facts on the ground confirm that their solidarity today with the Palestinian cause outweighs all stages of the conflict, and that in their view it has become the primary cause of Arabs and Muslims more than ever before. But it is blind oppression that obscures these facts, and from here the manifestations of support, complementarity and collusion between the two diseases: “foreign influence” and “local tyranny”, and there is no third party to them, began to become clearly apparent.

A historic opportunity

There is no doubt that a comprehensive reading of the plans drawn up for our region in light of the general Zionist plan and the stage it has reached today makes it likely that the American administration, and its successor, the defeated Netanyahu, will undertake serious destructive operations, from which the displacement of Palestinians will not be far off, knowing that displacement, while achieving strategic and demographic goals for the Zionist entity, will It adds a new nail in the coffin of Arab national security, which is almost disappearing.

In this context, the “Al-Aqsa Flood” and the “Aggression on Gaza” came to place the region in front of a new situation that could lead to a necessary strategic reform process. There is no doubt that we are facing a major earthquake that shook all intellectual and political constants and struck the strategic foundations deeply, and there is no longer any doubt. We are waiting for major consequences and changes.

But anyone who examines the conditions of the Islamic world – especially the Arab part of it – finds that the most important reasons for the general stagnation and political and social deterioration are due to the absence of a conscious and effective leadership structure, and this is not only at the level of governments, but it extends to include movements for political, societal and cultural reform and renewal, while the peoples It is waiting for someone to lead it, and the surrounding circumstances are waiting for someone to understand and seize it. We are facing a new historical opportunity that must not be lost like what came before it.

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