Jack Al-Alam: Hosha Umm Samel and Abu Samel trend and interaction with Walid Qahran

It seems that the diaries of Abu Samel and Umm Samel will take a different form in the Ramadan 2024 season within the episodes of the social family comedy “Jack Al-Alam”, starring Reem Abdullah and Majed Mutreb Fawaz, written by Amani Al-Sulaimi and Zayed Al-Ruwais, and directed by Abdullah Al-Arak.

Reem Abdullah’s appearance during the launch ceremony of the Radio and Television Corporation denies that she underwent plastic surgery

Interact with Hawsha Umm Samel and Abu Samel

The work topped the trend on X in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, amid great interaction with the character of the couple, as the audience loved them in the Studio 24 program after their character was in a fixed segment in the program.

One of the most widely circulated videos from the episode was Umm Samel making Abu Samosa roll samosas because the maid in their house left on the first day of Ramadan, and this led to a quarrel between them. There were those who stood on Abu Samel’s side and were surprised at how he accepted Umm Samel’s request.

Ramadan 2024 - series poster "Jack science"

The same applies to Umm Samel, who received a great welcome from the women on X, who were happy when she asked Abu Samel to roll samosas.
Among the comments was “the time of women with power,” where one follower said that women are now in control, adding, “Even Abu Samel rolls samosas.”

The audience about Walid Qahran: “The Monster of Ramadan”

“The Monster of Ramadan” is one of the new titles that the public gave to Walid Qahran in the first episode of “Jack of Science,” where many praised his mastery of another dialect as if it were his mother dialect, and this matter is not as easy as expected. “#Walid_Qahran as the character (Fingal) today he mastered it smoothly and amazingly.” I’m excitedly waiting for the next episodes.”

Another comment from one of his followers: “Fingal’s character is a challenge, and the difference is big in your personality, and this is an important thing, and you excelled as usual.”
Walid had written a tweet to

Episode 1 of “Jack of Science” received great satisfaction from the audience, and they expressed their enthusiasm to see what the coming episodes will bring in terms of comedic situations.

Omaima Talib also shared a tweet via X in which she asked her followers if they had listened to the song “Jack Al-Alam” and wrote, “Have you heard the song, O Ahl Al-Bayt series?”

The story of the series “Jack Elm”

The events revolve around the marital diary of the hero, Abu Samel, the chivalrous and honorable Bedouin man, and his conflicts with his wife, Umm Samel, the Bedouin who loves a luxurious life, and between the world of his friend Najr the miserly Bedouin, who is married to Wadha, Umm Samel’s friend, keeper of her secrets, and collaborator with her in her tricks against Abu Samel. The work carries a series of contradictions between the new civil life and the customs and traditions maintained by the family and the desire to reconcile them amid social criticism from conflicting personalities.

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