Jiri Procházka Is An Absolute Savage – And Most Certainly A Samurai

Earlier tonight, I said that Jim Miller and Bobby Green “understood the assignment” at UFC 300 (the assignment being: Violence) and I’d like to report that Jiri Procházka and Aleksandar Rakic also understood that assignment. 

We knew this fight probably wouldn’t be here for a long time, but it was certainly here for a good time to lead us into the PPV portion of the evening. Procházka and Rakic just came to stand and bang, and the amount of hard shots they each walked through before Jiri found the finish was insane. Just clubbing blow after clubbing blow traded back-and-forth, all landing right on the mark, but seemingly having no effect on either man until the end. Honestly, Rakic was probably getting the better of Jiri before the momentum swung last minute too. He was utilizing leg kicks very well and seemed faster overall, but just didn’t have enough to put Jiri down.

Oh, and leading into this fight, Aleksandar Rakic kept saying that Jiri Procházka “wasn’t a real samurai” which really lit a fire under his ass, because in his mind – he is a samurai. He has the ponytail, the aura, the swords, he meditates, he walks around outside of the battlefield on the eve of a fight….

He’s a savage (basically shogun) and tonight, he proved why you should never doubt his samurai-like abilities again. It just isn’t very smart.

UFC 300 main card on deck!

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