Jose’s quarrel and his injustice in the national team.. Mohamed Nour reveals powerful secrets for the first time!

Find out what Mohamed Nour said about what happened between him and Jose


Mohamed Nour, Al-Ittihad club legend, revealed strong secrets for the first time, regarding his quarrel with the Portuguese Manuel Jose, the former coach of the dean, speaking about the injustice that happened to him with the Saudi national team.

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Nour said during his speech on the “Confrontation” podcast: “In the first training session for Portuguese coach Manuel Jose, I went to shake his hand and he said to me, ‘Why are you shaking my hand in this way?’ So I told him, ‘I am not really honored to play with you. Goodbye!’”

He added: “One time, Jose was telling me, ‘I don’t care that you come from Mecca to train. Where did he know that I was coming from Mecca?’ And he used to say that Muhammad Nour saw himself. I wish I could see myself. I would have had 300 goals.”

Nour turned to talking about the administrations of Al-Ittihad Club, where he said: “The administrations of Ibrahim Al-Balawi and Adel Jamjoom told me about conspiracies. The latter, when he was a basketball supervisor, I used to give him rewards from my own pocket, and his sons used to come to the club, leaving the rest of the players and filming with me.”

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Regarding the Saudi national team, he explained very strangely: “The president of a certain club was the reason behind my removal from Al-Akhdar. I was supposed to be equal to Muhammad Al-Deayea in the number of international matches, and I was excluded even though I had won the Best Player in Asia award and the Best Saudi Player award.”


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