Keshet 12 in a special broadcast schedule: those broadcasting for Memorial and Independence Day

Keshet 12 Israeli flags campaign – illustration (Flash 90 photo/ Tomer Neuberg)

Keshet Channel 12 tonight will begin the special broadcasts in preparation for the National Days of Remembrance, which begin this evening (Sunday) with the opening of the Remembrance Day events for the martyrs of Israel’s systems and the victims of hostilities. The special broadcasts will begin this evening at 20:00 with the broadcast of the State Remembrance Day ceremony from the Western Wall Plaza, and will continue until late Tuesday evening, after Independence Day, and will conclude with the broadcast of Hanan Ben Ari’s performance from Expo Tel Aviv.

The eve of Memorial Day – Sunday 12.5

21:00 – “Songs in the Square 2024” broadcast live from Tel Aviv. The traditional broadcast hosted by Lior Ashkenazi and with the participation of: Sarit Haddad, Ninet Taib, Evri Lider, Netta Barzilai, Yoni Rechter, Keren Pels, Maya Blitzman, Berry Sakharof, Yasmin Moalem, Yigal Oshri.

22:30 – “Remembering, singing and telling 2024” broadcast from the Sultan’s pool in Jerusalem. Directed by Danny Kushmaro and with the participation of: Rita, Yehuda Polyker, Eden Hasson, Odia, Dodo Tessa, Miri Mesika, Itay Levy, Shiri Maimon, Benya Barbie, Idan Reichel, Tamir Greenberg, Avraham Fried and Omar Adam.

Memorial Day and Independence Day eve – Monday 13.5

22:00 – “The stars of the IDF, the security and rescue forces” – the main Independence Day broadcast led by Idan Raichel and with the participation of Yohorm Gaon, Miri Mesika, Itai Levy and the military bands.

More in-

Independence Day – Tuesday 14.5

14:30 – Studio Independence live with Gideon Oko and Anna Aronov

16:00 – Studio Independence live with Dafna Lial and Avi Nussbaum

17:00 – News 12 on a special transmitter from the studio in Neve Ilan and from the Israel Prize ceremony

20:00 – The main edition of News 12

– “Wonderful country” – on a special transmitter for the end of the season

22:50 – “Hanan Ben Ari salutes the IDF soldiers” – broadcast from the Tel Aviv Expo, the performance of Hanan Ben Ari to the IDF soldiers

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